William McDowell Stirs the "Sounds of Revival" with New Album

William McDowell

Groomed by Ron Kenoly, William McDowell has become a stellar Gospel music artist himself. His new album Sounds of Revival follows less than two years after the release of powerful, and unforgettable worship CD Withholding Nothing. Highlights include "It is You" with Travis Greene, an energetic reagge worship piece and "Spirit Anderson" a duet ballad with Trinity Anderson.  

He went further to say "SOUNDS OF REVIVAL is meant to be a catalyst to stir the desire of revival in the hearts of God's people, says McDowell. "We know that the earth is in desperate need of revival and I pray that this experience awakens something in our hearts!"

The album came about after McDowell waited and depended on the Holy Spirit.  "We did a lot of what I call worship exploration. We explore what I call pregnant moments, which means moments in a service where it's clear that God is doing something in the room," McDowell told The Christian Post. "If we have a piece of something we always recognize that every piece of something is part of a greater whole, so we explore those moments to find out what the greater statement is. We explore a lot of moments on stages across the world and those songs were birthed in those moments."

All of the songs on Sounds of Revival are special to McDowell, but tracks like "I Don't Mind Waiting" and "Send the Rain" serve as evidence of the Holy Spirit's presence when recording his latest album live at Bethany Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

"Both of those songs were birthed in worship, both of those songs were birthed onstage," the singer-songwriter revealed. "Both of those songs were birthed in front of other people watching, because God was saying something and doing something in the moment and those songs were birthed out of that."


01. To the Chief Musician (The Sound, Pt. III)
02. Life (feat. Taylor Poole)
03. We Just Want You
04. It Is So (feat. Travis Greene)
05. It Is So (Reprise)
06. Reveal (feat. José Garrafa)
07. Spirit Break Out (feat. Trinity Anderson)
08. Come Like a Rushing Wind
09. Don't Mind Waiting
10. Jesus Is Here
11. Hymn of Praise (feat. Julia McMillan & Daniel Johnson)
12. When You Walk Into the Room (feat. Taylor Poole & Trinity Anderson)
13. Send the Rain
14. Heaven's Open (feat. Daniel Johnson)
15. Rain Only Matters / Expecting a Harvest 

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