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Sidewalk Prophets

Justin Nace will be leaving CCM band Sidewalk Prophet.  He was the drummer for the team for the last nine years. Nace and the rest of the band offer their goodbyes and reflections on Facebook.

Dear friends and family of Sidewalk Prophets, We have an important announcement to share. After nearly 9 years of being part of Sidewalk Prophets our beloved brother and sultan of snare Justin Nace will be retiring his position as our drummer. We've traveled the world, played in front of millions of people, and made so many unforgettable memories. While we're sad to see an end to his touring days, we're very excited for what God has in store for him, his wife and his beautiful three children. We know that this new chapter will be an amazing one. Below is a note from Justin as well as some notes from the band guys. Thanks so much for covering Justin and his family in your prayers as they face the adventure of starting a new chapter in life.

Note from Justin: Over the past year God's been working something in my heart. I've been a part of Sidewalk Prophets for 8 1/2 years. I've realized my dream of playing drums and touring the world. I've met some incredible people, been to amazing places and made lifelong friends. It's been a rewarding journey. This past December, as I was praying through what I've been feeling the past year, I felt God stir something else inside me. He was saying it's time to let go. It didn't make much sense to me at first but as I continued to pray through it it became even more evident. I knew I was to let go of the band before I could grasp what He has for me next. I knew I had to be obedient. Being a musician has been what I've done for quite a while. It's comfortable. It's easy to identify myself with and get lost in being the drummer for Sidewalk Prophets but I know that can be a dangerous place. I know that whatever I end up doing, if I'm following where the Lord is leading, then it is going to be way better than forcing it out on the road with the band so I'm choosing to leave. I told the band that this Winter Jam tour is going to be my last. I will be done playing as of April 3. I'm really excited and looking forward to this next season of life. I'm looking forward being home with my family and pursuing new dreams together with them. Let's hold the things God has given with loose hands. Let's be thankful and keep pursuing Him. Thank you all so much for your support and friendship over the years. It's really meant a lot to me and my family. We're grateful. I've been a slacker on Facebook but I stay pretty active on Instagram so you can keep up with me there at swpjustin. Thank you all! -Justin

Note from Dave: It's been an honor to play alongside Justin for the last 9 years. He's an incredible musician, a loving father, a loyal friend, and above all, a man that loves Christ. The journey we have traveled together can't be summarized by anything less that a series of novels, but if I had to boil them all down to a single sentence what I'd say is this; Thank you Justin for being there for me through the happiness and sorrow and for using your talent to let others know that the beating of your heart and the rhythm of your drums are all for the love of God. Love you brother.

Note from Ben: We've made a ton of memories. Justin was always my hotel roommate back in our van/trailer days and we would stay up late a lot of nights and dream out loud about where the band would be in the future. It's been an honor to live life, and chase dreams with such a Godly man. Justin has always been selfless, slow to anger, and quick to listen. He's played his heart out on three SWP albums, and has served everyone we have met with a kind heart. I'm gonna miss him out on the road but I am excited to see where God takes him and his family as he transitions to a new adventure- thanks Justin!

Note From Cal: Justin and I have been through a lot together. Having started playing in the band at about the same time, we've experienced the same highs and lows of touring and recording music over the past 9 years. He is a great man of Christ, loving father, husband, and an incredible drummer. He has been a consistant example to me, and a great friend. I will miss his presence on the road and playing music with him greatly! Excited for this new chapter in his life, can't wait to see where it leads!

Note from Big Dan: I'm very thankful I got the opportunity to know Justin these past 2 years. Justin has always been there for me and has become more than a friend. He is an awesome human being, loving father, Godly man, and drummer. Going to really miss having him out on the road. I wish him many blessing in this next chapter of his life.


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