Exclusive Interview: We Are Messengers Chronicle Their Journey from Sin & Emptiness to Faith & Their New Record

We Are Messengers

Word Records recording artist, We Are Messengers, continues its strong and swift build towards the band's self-titled, 14-song album debut with today's release of "Point To You." The third of four digital songs released to album pre-order buyers, "Point To You" follows their debut radio single, "Everything Comes Alive," and crowd favorite, "I'm On Fire," as the latest song available for instant download upon pre-ordering the new album. Officially releasing April 22, click here to pre-order We Are Messengers. 

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us. Can you tell us briefly about your past?

I grew up in a little village along the border with Northern Ireland called Ballinode in County Monaghan. We didn't have much growing up materially, but had almost everything we needed. My parents and siblings are more than I could ever have dreamed of wanting or needing. The only thing we didn't have was Jesus. We did not grow up in a Christian family. We were religious and traditional but had no knowledge that there was a God who loved us and who we could love. Unfortunately, my life spiraled into a mess because I was searching for something to fill the emptiness in my soul, and when Jesus broke in, He rescued me in every way. Shortly after, I ended up managing a group of homes for children with disabilities and challenging behavior, but God had other plans when we were offered a record deal in the USA. I now live in Franklin, Tennessee with my wife and our three children.

Q:  How did Christ draw you to the point of faith and repentence?

My wife Heidi became a believer about 10 years ago. God rescued her from loneliness, anorexia and depression. Christ gave her her joy back and a peace that is astonishing, even in the middle of great loss. We had been together for seven years when she was saved, and I was in absolute turmoil, faithless, hopeless and living a life of adultery and shame. Heidi prayed incessantly for me and believed that one day I too would become a Christian and write Christian music. In 2008 Heidi and I found ourselves sitting in a little church in Monaghan shortly before we got married. I remember feeling incredibly guilty and unclean, and keenly aware that God was real and that He was exceedingly Holy in every way. I was convinced that only Jesus could reconcile the gulf I understood that existed between God and me. I turned from my sin that night, surrendered my will to Jesus and gave my life to the Lord. We have not looked back since.

Q: What was it like to record a Christian album?

I started writing for this record in the fall of 2015. I believe God honors hard work, and I hit the studio almost every day. I wrote over 125 songs, demoed them all, and whittled that down to 14 for the full release. My wife Heidi and I are so excited to watch these songs impact our communities, the church and the world for the Glory of God. These songs are our honest and vulnerable attempt to describe how God has interacted with us in our broken and frail humanity. We have seen Him use these in mighty ways already.

Q:  Why did you take on the name WE ARE MESSENGERS? 

We Are Messengers refers to our belief that God has called us across the ocean to share the good news of Jesus and to love the lost, the lonely and the least.

Q: Tell us more about the inspiration behind your new single "Everything Comes Alive."  What inspired to write this song?

"Everything Comes Alive" was literally the second song I had written while in America. It is based on Ephesians 2 where God reminds us of His great love and mercy, which reached down when we were dead in our sin. In Christ, we put our old selves to death, and everything comes alive through His resurrection and victory over sin and the grave. I love the joyful heart of this track.

Q: What has been the overall highlight of the whole process of making the new album?

I have loved writing process and hearing the songs come to life from bare-bone arrangements. The highlight has been hearing the stories of how God has been using these songs to set people free, heal, save and restore. I am amazed that God chooses to use anything that I have touched, but He is wonderfully faithful, and it is an honour to play a small part in His great work.

Q: How do you hope this new album will inspire both Chistians and non-Christians out there?

I hope people see that God can take the messy, unclean things of our lives and make something incredible out of them. I really pray that people will see the Holiness of God and the compassion He has for all of His children.

Q:   What does the next year hold for We Are Messengers?

We will be touring extensively across North America this summer and fall (an announcement will be made later this spring), and we would love to get back to Europe for some shows soon. Our hearts are to see revival, to see God tear the roof off and to see people fall completely in love with Jesus and each other.


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