Kenny Rogers Talks About His Retirement

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers released his first solo album Love Lifted Me in 1976.   Among his singles, twenty-one have reached Number One on the country music charts. His longest-lasting Number Ones on that chart are "The Gambler" and "Coward of the County," at three weeks each.  After thirty-two studio albums and eighty singles, the veteran country singer will be retiring from the road.  Rogers has just announced the dates for his final farewell tour.  

"I will miss my band the most," Rogers tells The Boot. "They're like my family."

Rogers is the father of six children, including 11-year-old twins Jordan and Justin (the other four kids are grown). Now, he wants to spend time with his family inspired him to retire and come off the road.

"I'll get to spend more time with my boys," he says. "I want to take them to some weird places. We took them to Africa, and they loved that; we went on a safari. We're going to Jakarta, [Indonesia], and a couple places in China. I want to take them. We said, 'We'll have to take them out of school to do this.' The school said, 'What they're going to do with you is more important than anything we could ever teach them. Take them and have fun.'"

Although the goodbye is bittersweet, the legendary singer doesn't question whether or not he is making the right choice.

"I really want to be there with my kids," Rogers notes. "They're very important to me, and I don't see enough of them."

A list of all of Rogers' remaining dates is available on his website.




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