Joe Jackson, Father of Janet and Michael Jackson, Hospitalized & is in Need of Prayers

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson, the father of Janet Jackson and the late Michael Jackson, is in hospital. According to PEOPLE, the Jackson Sr's health is not well and he is in need of prayers. "It was very serious, but he is out of danger now," says a family insider. 

The Jackson family patriarch, 87, remains in the hospital and is being closely monitored. "We still have to keep a close watch on him," says a family insider.  

Nevertheless, Joe's son Jermaine Jackson told TMZ that the senior Jackson became weak during a check up appointment, with the outlet saying he struck a high fever. The Jackson family patriarch was hospitalized, but his son said he is now "much healthier and we're very happy about that." 

"He's much better, all of his vital signs are great, we're very happy," the younger Jackson told TMZ. "He's just tired, -- he's 87 -- and we're just trying to hold onto him as long as we can."

Jackson added, "My father's very strong. He's up there telling jokes. He's doing fine."



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