Young Oceans Talk About Resourcing Churches of All Sizes with their New Album

Young Oceans

Young Oceans new album "Voices, Vol. 1"  have just been released.  Young Oceans have been known to be an ambient worship band, writing music and songs to really be more meditations.  But due to a series of requests, the band re-worked some of their music to make it work in a corporate worship setting.  To do this, they also invited a group of friends to sing on the album, including Ellie Holcolmb, All Sons and Daughters, Sarah Macintosh and others. 

Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of "Voices, Vol.1."  This album is quite different from your other releases in the sense that the songs are more for congregational singing.  What inspired you to record a congregational worship album?

Over the last couple years we've had many people tell us they love the music but wish they could do these songs in their church and community settings.  Ironically, most of the songs originated with that idea in mind.  The Young Oceans records were just deconstructing and rebuilding the basics of the songs.  So with Voices, we've tried to create simple orchestrations with a focus on the vocal parts. 

Q:  There are many worship albums out there, what do you think makes "Voices, Vol. 1" special?

Maybe nothing at all.  Music can be very personal for people.  Something that might live in relative obscurity to one person might be a life-soundtrack to another.  I see a lot of church music these days striving for an arena sound.  We don't do that.  Most Christian congregations are on the small side and they've been the heartbeat of the Church for centuries.  We humbly hope to resource all sizes and shapes of communities.  

Q:  Did you listen to other worship artists or band to help you make this new album?

I've been impressed with the United Pursuit folks recently.  I hear them trying to stay simple and pure.  That's beautiful.   

Q:  You have quite a few guest artists on this record.  Can you tell us who some of them are?

We were honored to have some great talent on this record.  The lead singers are Leeland, Harvest Parker, Sarah Macintosh, Evan Wickham, Mike Donehey, All Sons and Daughters and Ellie Holcomb.  

Q:  Do you have any interesting stories in working some of these vocalists?

Well it was all done in bits and pieces.  Its quite challenging to schedule this many touring musicians.  Harvest was the secret weapon probably.  She sang lead on 3 songs and also directed a choir down in Atlanta that sang on each song.  So thankful for her hard work. 

Q:  Jonny Macintosh who has worked with Third Day, TheSoundKids, and Harvest produced this album.  What was it like working with him?  What do you think he brings to the record that you appreciated?

He's amazing at what he does.  He kept me down to earth and kept the main focus in mind the whole time.  This record is meant to be a clear and humble resource for people and I think he achieved that while also making it incredibly beautiful to listen to.  

Q:  With the tag on your album that says, "Vol 1," I assume there will be a second volume?  Any idea so far as to who will be invited to be the guest vocalists?  

Yeah, I might have backed myself into a corner with that.  We'll see who's crazy enough to work with us when that time comes.

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