Mosaic MSC, the Worship Team of Erwin McManus' Church, Releases "Glory & Wonder"

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Essential Worship announces the label debut from MOSAIC MSC titled Glory & Wonder that is set to release on September 23rd. Mosaic MSC is the worship music that carries the culture of Mosaic in Los Angeles, which is founded by cultural pioneer and best-selling author Erwin McManus whose most recent book is The Artisan Soul. Last week, Mosaic MSC recorded Glory & Wonder in front of a live, sold-out audience at their church home in the heart of Hollywood. Mosaic MSC represents the versatile sound of the city and growth of the church in worship expression.

The preorder for the album was available for purchase before the recording and for fans and attendees to immediately engage with the recording and download a studio version of the title track. Preorder the album now by clicking here.

The band released their first live album in 2015 (Live in LA) independently to much acclaim and praise debuting at No. 2 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel chart. The single "NVR STP" debuted in the Top 10 on the iTunes Christian & Gospel chart and was streamed with success on every major digital platform.

Mariah McManus stepped into leadership of Mosaic's worship community more than three years ago, leaving a successful career as a writer and artist in the general music space. Before coming to MSC, Mariah wrote songs for Grey's Anatomy and other film and television projects. MSC's popularity and impact has continued to grow as Mariah receives emails and messages from churches everywhere sharing their stories of impact that MSC's songs have had on their congregations.

"On the outside it looks like there's a lot of differences in the way churches approach things, but I just love that music has created a united environment," shares Mariah. "When people hear the songs we're writing, they're so excited about being able to play them at their churches. Knowing that, we write with those people in mind. We're a young band and a young church but we have become passionate about writing songs that all churches and types of people can identify with. What's happened so far is bigger than anything we could do or a marketing team could accomplish. It's about being able to worship Jesus in the way we know how and hoping people resonate with that."

Mosaic MSC has a unique way of painting the musical soundscape of the current culture and vibe of their local congregation creating a sound that is their own. Lead pastor Erwin McManus shares the passion of MSC that is behind this creativity and sound.

"Our hope is that the music of MSC will be like kerosene igniting a fire in the hearts of millions across the world. In the end everything we do is about connecting people to Jesus. We know that worship opens the hearts of those who have closed their hearts to God. We also know that worship causes our hearts to burn brighter and our love for God to grow deeper. We hope that the music of MSC will be a gift to the church and a light to the world."



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