Kings Kaleidoscope's "Beyond Control" Debuts at #6 & Comments on the Use of the "F" Word

Kings Kaleidoscope

Ten member Seattle-based band Kings Kaleidoscope's latest album Beyond Control makes a bow at No. 6 on Billboard Christian Albums chart. The set sold 2,000 copies and this is their second showing on the chart for the group, following its 2014 LP Becoming Who We Are, which reached No. 9.

However, the band receivved criticisms for using the f-word in the song "A Prayer". In an interview with Bad Christian Podcast, the song's writer Chad Gardner revealed that he has suffered from panic attacks, and during the crunch time of the album production season he was in a really spiritually dry state.

One evening, during the middle of one of these anxiety/panic attacks, he wrote a prayer in his journal and, sitting down at a piano, the music and words meshed into an autobiographical song. He stated in the interview, "The song is me. The song my heart, it's my gut, and it's my honest, pouring my guts out to God prayer . . . And then the song is met ultimately with God's true response to me as the true me of where I'm actually am at." The album has now been released in two versions, - Explicit Content and Clean Lyrics.

Commenting on the f-word use Austin Gravley on the Reformed Arsenal website wrote, "I don't think a 1:1 replication of the f-bomb from Chad's journal was a necessary thing to do. I think the song could been 100% autobiographical in nature while recognizing that authenticity does not necessitate an unwise choice. In fact, I think the existence of the clean version that features a different word substituted for the f-bomb completely undermines Chad's intentions, no matter how legitimately well-meaning they might've been. It's a de facto concession that the use of the word "vicious" instead of "f***ing" was a sufficient substitution that preserved the autobiographical and authentic nature of the song without bringing in all the baggage and controversy of using an f-bomb."



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