Jekalyn Carr Opens Up about her Forthcoming Release, THE LIFE PROJECT

Jekalyn Carr

Jekalyn Carr opens up about her forthcoming third album release, THE LIFE PROJECT, and revealed the inspiration behind the record and the great expectancy she has for how it will affect listeners all over the world upon its release on August 5th (Lunjeal Music Group) available in stores and online everywhere.

Carr believes THE LIFE PROJECT will release a charge of worship into the atmosphere that will draw upon the hearts of all who hear it. She proclaims it will cause people to give their look more to Christ and that it will command believers to turn their hearts and minds back to a place of genuine, unfiltered worship for God. Carr declares that the messages inTHE LIFE PROJECTwill unify the body of Christ and that it will serve as a reminder that God is bigger than anything and everything currently going on in the lives of believers, and in the world at large, as addressed in the lead single, "You're Bigger."

"You're Bigger" has experienced great success since its release and is currently #2 on theBillboard's Gospel Airplay chart and #3 on Billboard's Digital Gospel chart. In response to it being the second most popular Gospel song in the country, Carr states, _"with all that is going on in the world, Christians needed a reminder that God is big, that He created the heavens and the Earth, and that He is in control." The ascension of the song up the charts, and the number of downloads amassed, are both clear indicators that such a reminder was, indeed, necessary and timely. "You're Bigger" is a clear representation of what listeners can expect to hear on the rest of THE LIFE PROJECT and foreshadows the level of profound worship and praise that it offers.

Carr expects The Life Project to not only remind believers who God is, but also to remind them who they are, in Him. She wants listeners to realize that, no matter where they are in their current situations, whether they are on a path following Him or if they have wandered off, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image and that the word He spoke over their lives, before they were even born, remains valid and is not void. It is merely waiting for them to align with their destiny and possess everything that He has purposed for them. Even in those moments when we fail to realize who we are, God always knows exactly who He created us to be, and is waiting with open arms, for us to recognize the glory that He has manifested in our lives.

Carr expects THE LIFE PROJECT to be a tool that God uses to aid in that process, and to encourage listeners to embrace their future in Him, because it is so much better than the past. The Life Project will be available wherever music is sold, on August 5th.



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