Michael Bethany Chats About Working with Fred Hammond, Worship & His New Album


Yours Forever, the debut disc from Stellar Award nominated and BMI Award winning singer/songwriter Michael Bethany makes its debut at number 5 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart. Yours Forever boasts the writings of Bethany coupled with assistance from Calvin Rodgers and Phillip Feaster.  Bethany's promotional dates continue throughout July and into the month of August with ministry dates at the Potters House Fort Worth, the Never Ending Worship Experience with Tasha Cobbs and Israel Houghton on August 13th in San Antonio and A Day of Worship alongside David Michael Wyatt on August 14th.  

Yours Forever is available via iTunes, Amazon and other digital retail outlets. 

Q:  Michael, thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, how did you feel God's call to sing for him?

I always knew this was my calling since I was a child. I grew up in my Dad's church in St.Louis and he led me to Christ at an early age. I discovered my purpose and got active right away. It was really never a question for me. 

Q:  You started with singing and writing for Fred Hammond.  How did you meet Fred?  And how were you involved with his ministry?

I met Fred at a live Daystar television show. He invited me to his home in Dallas and asked me to sing for his back ground singers. I was so nervous that I actually thought I was awful, but he asked me to be a part of his next live album.  I quickly became a principal back ground vocalist, writer and producer with Fred. Which goes to show that we have to trust God and his timing. 

Q:  Besides Fred Hammond, who else have you written songs for?

I've had the privilege of writing for Tamela Mann, The Whispers, Rizen and Patrick Dopson to name a few. 

Q:  You have recently released your own album "Yours Forever."  Did you write all the songs on this record?  Who are some of the people you have worked with for this record?

I wrote all the songs on this album in partnership  with some of the most amazing musicians and producers Calvin Rodgers and Phillip Feaster. They are truly great guys, we have worked together for such a long time that we have developed great work relationship.

Q: What were some of the highlights in making this album?

The process of writing was very interesting. I had to find a place to start. I'd written a lot of songs and I had to ask myself what songs would best communicate my message. Especially on my first album, what should I lead with? It all came together so much better than I imagined it would. 

Q:  "God With Us," the single off the record, is already getting a lot of attention.  What does this song mean to you?

That song is my jam!  I love having fun and church at the same time and God With Us is exactly that for me. The recurring theme is that He'll never leave us.  God's promises can be counted on, you can take them to the bank.  Whatever our situation, God will be there, thick and thin, He'll be a true friend.  He won't walk away.  There's joy in knowing that God is with us.

Q:   Currently you serve as the Executive Director of Worship at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas,TX. What does your job entail?

I get to do what I love, and that is lead worship (and I do that quite a bit), I oversee music, media and hospitality. 

Q:  I believe you will be headlining the GLOBAL WORSHIP IMPACT BENEFIT CONCERT soon.  Tell us more about this.

Global Worship Impact is a ministry God placed on my heart to take music/worship and literally change the world.  I never saw myself as a missionary, but after traveling to places like Sri Lanka and Japan, I see how music can really become a catalyst for change. We are building wells in Sri Lanka this year and the thought of my music providing drinking water for someone half way around the world really changes my perspective about the impact of ministry. 


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