More Than a Survivor: Gloria Gaynor Talks About Her New Christian Album & Book

Gloria Gaynor

Known best for her 1979 hit "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor has made her mark as one of disco's most notable divas.  She is also the receipent of Grammy's one and only Disco Song of the Year Award. The song has gone through so many permutations that it has been translated into over 20 languages. However, not long after Gaynor recorded her career song, she became a devout Christian.  Over the years, she has often tweaked her song's lyrics to reflect her Christian convictions:  "I will survive; He gave me life; I stand beside the Crucified One; I can go on; I will be strong; For my strength to live is not my own; I will survive!"  Later in her career, Gaynor would even go on to record more Christian oriented songs and albums.  And this includes her latest release "We Will Survive," a brand new collection of 7 songs (plus a radio remix of "I Will Survive" tagged on as the album's final cut).  We are honored to be able to catch up with Gloria Gaynor for this exclusive Hallels' interview:

Hallels:  Thank you Gloria for spending time with us.  I love your brand new album "We Will Survive."  Why did you decide to do this record? 

I've wanted to record an Inspirational or Contemporary Christian CD for years, but my management was concerned that it wouldn't be monetarily viable.  Now that I have management that trusts my judgement and honors my career desires, I felt finally free to do it. 

Hallels:  It's great that you have re-recorded your big hit "I Will Survive" again for this record.  Can you tell our readers, how is this new version different? 

The music is more modern and up to date technologically and creatively. 

Hallels:  After all these years of singing "I Will Survive" do you get tired of it?  How do you keep your performances of this song fresh?

I never get tired of performing "I Will Survive".  It is fresh and new each time because the audience keeps inspiring me with their enthusiasm.

Hallels:  On this new album "We Will Survive," you get to work with America Idol's Melinda Doolittle, how did you get to know her?  What is it like working with her?  

I got to know Melinda through my manager who books New York County Parks events.  It was awesome working with Melinda.  She is a very talented singer, a wonderful performer, and a lovely person.Hallels:  I really like how you have come back to your Gospel roots for this record, is this deliberate?    It is deliberate, because I feel that my purpose at this time of my life is to share the knowledge of Christ through my vocal and writing talent.  

Hallels:  Accompanying the record is your new book "We Will Survive," can you tell our readers what the book's about? 

The book is a compilation of stories that have been told to me by friends, family, and fans from around the world that tell of their bouts with traumatic situations and circumstances and how the song "I Will Survive" helped them to cope with and survive them. 

Hallels:  What's next for Gloria Gaynor?  Can we expect a full length Gospel/Christian album in the near future?  

Yes, I will continue to do Christian music as long as God keeps giving me the songs and I feel it's His will for me to do so.

Hallels:  If our readers would like to purchase your CD and/or your book, where can they go to purchase them?

Both the book and the CD are available on, the CD is available on itunes and both are available on my web-site,


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