David Dunn Releases New Album "Yellow Balloons"

David Dunn

BEC Recordings' David Dunn will be releasing his new album Yellow Balloons on February 17th. This album has been inspired by a personally tragic event for Dunn. 

"We tend to have these catastrophic moments where things implode and the world we know goes up in smoke," Dunn shares, reflecting on the time that's passed since the release of his debut, Crystal Clear. "The majority of my heart and mind have been focused on really just one big event that happened to my family." 

During a rare visit to his hometown of Midland, Texas, for a show, Dunn stopped by his sister's house to visit his two young nieces. Before he left, his sister put the youngest down for a nap, but she never woke up. To this day, the cause of death remains illusive, leaving the family with a broken heart and a well of unanswered questions. Over the course of nearly nine months, Dunn channeled his grief into his sophomore set for BEC Recordings, Yellow Balloons.

His 2015 full-length debut was well received and even spawned a Top 20 radio hit with "Today Is Beautiful." Dunn originally began performing his own songs during his college years. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in engineering and then spent a transformative 13 months in Africa doing mission work. It wasn't until he returned to the States that he started pursuing music full-time. Dunn now calls Nashville home and has had the opportunity to write with some of the Christian community's finest songwriters, many of whom he collaborated with on Yellow Balloons, a synth-soaked pop album boasting heavy beats and honest, heartfelt lyrics.


1. Kingdom

2. Open Arms

3. Grace Will Lead Me Home

4.I Don't Have to Worry

5. Vacation

6. Masterpice

7. History

8. Ruins

9. I Wanna Go Back

10. Yellow Balloons

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