BEC Recordings Welcome Among the Thirsty to Label

Among the Thirsty

Among the Thirsty is the newest addition to the BEC Recordings family. Florida natives, Among the Thirsty is scheduled to release their first radio single, 'What Love Looks Like" on February 14, 2014.

You can purchase the single via iTunes here:

Hailing from Clearwater, FL the band got its roots touring together in 2008. They released their first independent single "I'd Need a Savior" the following year. Even without major label support, the song showed promise landing in the Top 10 of the R&R Monitored AC chart.

The band formed its present day lineup after moving to Nashville and adding drummer and fifth member of the group John Wall. Ryan Daniel sings leads vocals, Brian Henderson plays lead guitar, Brock Douglas is on bass while Riley Donnel acts as utility musician playing both guitar and keys.

"Being signed to BEC is incredibly exciting," says frontman Ryan Daniel. "When you're a kid, you dream about getting a record deal, and it's not until now where I realize how much work it takes to make that happen, and more importantly, being signed is the starting line. Getting signed is not 'Making it,' in fact, this is where the real work begins, and we are excited and blessed to be a part of a record label with such a cool history. This is a dream come true."

Among the Thirsty and BEC Recordings are planning a label debut for later this year. 

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