Can’t Say Enough Amens: Brian Free and Assurance Talk About their New Album “Unashamed”

Brian Free and Assurance

Brian Free & Assurance have just released their brand new record "Unashamed," preceded by the single "Say Amen."  Within southern gospel music, they are have distinguished themselves not only in their sonic production, but also in their selection of material. Brian Free knows what he's doing when it comes to selecting material.  We are honored to be able to catch up with Brian Free for this exclusive Hallels' interview: 

Hallels:  Thanks Brian for this interview.  What are you most excited about your new CD "Unashamed"?

BF:  What I have to say about the most exciting thing about the new CD is the songs.  Every single song on the CD ministers to us and it seems like the people love every word to every song.  And that's what makes a good project, so happy that that's the response so far.

Hallels:  What do you think is the take home message of this new album?

BF:  The take home message to me would have to be that it's an encouraging word for the Christian.  It reminds us of how blessed we are to know Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and to live the life of a Christian.  It's not always easy but it's like the song we did years ago, "You'll never walk alone, he's always with us."  I want to take home the fact that God loves us.  He cares about everything we're going through no matter what it is and He knows.  He'll take care of us and we'll come out the other side a stronger person.  Whatever trial or valley we are going through, God will always prevail.  He takes care of His children.

Hallels:  What is like to have your son Ricky Free on the album as a songwriting, co-writing as many as 5 songs on it? 

BF:  Well, that's probably the million dollar question.  I love it!  I love having Ricky my son, my oldest son on it.  I have two sons, Ricky is my oldest; he has been part of my projects for many years as producer, arranger, writer, drummer, session leader, you name it.  And he's responsible for the God given success that God gave him.  The talent to put together over many, many years and it blesses my heart now that God has given him another ability to write songs on the new CD.  5 out of the 10 songs are Ricky's co-writes. And it makes me very proud of him that God gave him that ability and I know he'll use that for the rest of his life.

Hallels:  Lauren Talley Alvery even gets to sing duet on one of the songs on the new CD, how did you get to work with her? 

BF:  The first time in my career I invited a great singer.  And it's Lauren Talley.  Lauren Talley Alvery, the wife of Brian Alvery.  Lauren's just a phenomenal vocalist that I truly admire her vocals.  Her pitches are perfect.  She has a great feel for a song.  It was a blessing and when I heard this song listening to the demos, my wife was just standing behind me.  And when she heard the demo to the song she just said that's so Lauren Talley and she suggested that I call Lauren and asked her.   I called her and she said yes.  It turned out awesome. 

The only negative is I can't live up to what she did.  She did such an amazing job.  And when you hear her vocals on there, it's hard to match that live because I've to do the whole song myself live.  She's a great singer, great person and it was a blessing to have her on our new CD "Unashamed."

Hallels:  Tell us more about your single "Say Amen"?

BF:  There were many times during the recording of this project in the studio you want to say amen.  That being the first single, bless my heart, I knew it was a great choice from the record company.  It was a hard to choose a single-the first single.  There are probably 6 or 7 singles on this CD if not more.  So it was a hard choice but "Say Amen" matches people's responses and it's amazing.  And living out this song every night is a hard thing because when you sing this song you think of the words.  There are so many times I've met God that makes me want to yell amen.  It's kind of hard to keep my composure during the song without crying or shouting.  It's just a wonderful song.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase "Unashamed" or find out more about your touring schedule, where can they go? 

BF:  Anyone can purchase the new CD "Unashamed" or check our schedule and see what's going on in our ministry. We are on all the social media networks, our website is just  We are also on Facebook and they can follow us on Facebook.  We have 45,000 that follow us on a regular basis on our Facebook.  And we are also on twitter.  So they can check us out on all those and see what's going on our ministry and see us.

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