New DVD Series "Patterns of Evidence" Validates the Historicity of the Exodus

Patterns of Exodus

Thinking Man Films, the company behind the award-winning documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus will showcase its newest DVD seriesPATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: YOUNG EXPLORERS during this year's NRB International Christian Media Convention (Proclaim 17). The first five installments are available for individual purchase via Amazon and and in a box set format that contains all episodes, including a family devotional covering themes from the series. In conjunction with its release, Thinking Man Films is also offering two homeschool curriculums based on the Patterns of Evidence brand; a youth version adapted from YOUNG EXPLORERS and a high school version based on its original documentary.

Targeted for children ages 7-15, PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: YOUNG EXPLORERS was created by Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney of Thinking Man Films to complement his award-winning film, Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. The new series follows 10 students as they journey on an exploration into the world of ancient Egypt and the Bible where they have face-to-face encounters with Egyptologists, archaeologists and historic evidence along the way.

"In today's culture there is strong opposition to the validity of the Bible," says Mahoney. "These attacks are often aimed at young people in the areas of science and history. Even in some Christian circles there is a trend to downplay the Bible as an accurate historical account from creation onward. However, the Christian faith is uniquely built on God acting through history, and the entire Bible's teachings flow from that reality. That is why PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: YOUNG EXPLORERS is so important today. It demonstrates compelling evidence that affirms the trustworthiness of the Bible!"

In Episode 1, audiences are introduced to a group of students who meet Mahoney on a wilderness camping trip where they learn about his investigation searching for physical evidence of the Bible's Exodus story. The group joins Mahoney on his quest where they get special invitations to read their Bibles for clues before each stage of the adventure. But there is more to the investigation than Mahoney lets on. He has a secret device, the "Exploration Chamber," a digital hologram space that allows them to enter into a virtual reality experience, exploring important places and events mentioned in the Bible. They even take off in a hot air balloon to gain a unique perspective. What they ultimately find is a pattern of evidence that matches six major events of the Exodus account of Moses and the Israelites' being freed from slavery and leaving Egypt to return to the Promised Land.

"It's a faith-affirming journey establishing the historical credibility of the Bible that could change their lives forever," says Mahoney.

The YOUNG EXPLORERS series features the following episodes:

  • DVD 1(Episode 1): The Adventure of Abraham's Promise
  • DVD 2(Episodes 2): The Search for the Amazing Rise of Joseph
  • DVD 3(Episodes 3): The Case of Israelite Slaves and the Wicked Pharaoh
  • DVD 4(Episodes 4): The Hunt for Ten Plagues and the Exodus from Egypt
  • DVD 5(Episodes 5): The Mystery of Joshua and the Falling Walls of Jericho

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Thinking Man Films and its publishing division, Thinking Man Media, are focused on creative development, production and distribution of engaging products for cinema, television, web and print. The Company desires to gain a better understanding of significant and complex topics by exploring the world with those who are curious.  The company is led by Timothy Mahoney, filmmaker of the highly acclaimed, award winning documentary, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus. Winner of 13 awards, the original film has been endorsed by many Christian leaders and scholars including Anne Graham Lotz, Dr. Norman Geisler, Eric Metaxas and Dr. Walt Kaiser. For more information, please visit



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