On the Path Best Traveled: Jeremy Peace of the Old Paths Talks About their Upcoming "Decade."

Old Paths

The Old Paths are poised to release a 19-track compilation album of songs garnered from the last ten years in a collection entitled "Decade."  This album will be available on May 20 by Crossroad Records.  The Old Paths began in fall 2003 and quickly became one of the most influential, trend setting Christian groups in Southern Gospel. Their vocal lineup includes Jeremy Peace's polished high tenor, Tim Rackley's commanding lead, Doug Roark's smooth baritone, and Daniel Ashmore's rock-bottom-solid bass. We are honored to be able to catch up with Jeremy Peace for this exclusive Hallels' interview:

Hallels:  Thank you guys for this interview!  Congratulations on the May 20th release of your new greatest hits collection "Decade."  There are 19 songs on the album, how many of them are brand new songs?  And how many of them are re-recordings? 

A: You are very welcome, and thank you! Most of these songs are songs that The Old Paths have recorded exclusively from our previous recordings, prior to signing with Crossroads Music. They are songs that no one had an opportunity to hear, until now. 

A couple of songs are re-recordings like, "I've Made It Home" and "Oh What A Savior". 

Hallels: Of the numerous songs you have had recorded, how do you choose what goes into the album?

A: On this particular album, we went through all of our original song cds and picked what we felt was the best songs to compile onto one CD to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.   

Hallels:  Over the last decade, how has your music evolved?  And what has stayed constant?

A: We feel we have evolved as vocalists, working on our craft to better our sound and strengthen our abilities. We have stayed consistent in song selections, making sure the songs are scripturally sound.  

Hallels:  If you could single out an incident in the last decade where you felt God at work in the group's life what would that be?

A: We had a point in our ministry where we saw almost everyone exit, leaving us as a trio. We had to make a decision to either move forward or come off the road. We all prayed and felt led to continue on as a trio, and that is what we did for over 2 years. Then we saw the Lord begin to place new people in the group to make it what it is today.  

Hallels:  What's next for Old Paths?  Are you guys already thinking of your next album? 

A: We are currently finishing up a Live DVD from Sagemont Church in Houston Texas, and also selecting songs for a new CD in the near future.  

Hallels:  Being veterans already in the music industry, what pearls of wisdom do you have for any aspiring singers who may be reading this interview now?

A: If you really want something, don't let anything stand in your way of your goals. If the Lord has gifted you with a talent to sing or play an instrument, use those talents to the best of your ability and allow Him to work through you. Everything else will fall into place.  

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase your album or find out more about you, where can they go?

A: You can go to the following link to purchase the new "Decade" album:
or visit to learn more about us!

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