Bishop George Bloomer Releases Compelling BREAK LOOSE Book

George Bloomer

Bishop George Bloomer is a best-selling author, the founder and senior pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center, a multicultural congregation in Durham, North Carolina, and the host of the national TV show "Rejoice in Word" on The Word Network.  Bishop Bloomer is the author of numerous of books, including Authority Abusers, More of Him, Wisdom Walk and the national best-seller, Witchcraft in the Pews which has sold over a million copies and remains a perpetual bestseller. He also collaborated with best-selling author Mary K. Baxter on a number of the popular Divine Revelation Series: A Divine Revelation of Prayer, A Divine Revelation of Deliverance, and A Divine Revelation of Healing.  Bishop Bloomer has released a new book, Break Loose, now available in bookstores and retail sites online. (Whitaker House Publishing)

Break Loose targets readers caught up in addictive behaviors.  Bishop Bloomer candidly discloses up front that he is highly qualified to address this topic. 

"I personally struggled with drug addiction and other destructive behaviors. Fortunately, I lived to tell about it," Bloomer shares.  "Praise God, He set me free! Best of all, He gave me powerful keys to share with others, insights I've been able to share with countless individuals through years of pastoral ministry."

"Many people in and out of the church are trapped in addictions that are hard to hide. Like a prisoner hauling around a ball and chain, these folks are bound up in drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sexual perversion and gambling," states Bloomer.  "There are more subtle addictions that have people hopelessly bound. Many are trapped by compulsive spending and debt. Others are powerless to manage their eating habits or care for their physical and emotional health. Countless people are stuck in toxic relationships from which they cannot escape."

Bishop Bloomer addresses these issues and more through forceful chapters, bursting with biblical support. Toxic behaviors are addressed along with underlying emotional issues fueled by fear and exacerbated by depression and anxiety.

Once negative behaviors and emotions are identified, Break Loose focuses on positive reality: abundant freedom in Christ. Bloomer advocates an outward-facing faith that allows God's healing hand to work in such a way that as one person is healed and set free, a chain reaction is sparked. Part of the individual healing process involves helping others similarly entrapped. One person helps another and the healing process can grow geometrically impacting families, churches, neighborhoods, and cities.

A unique attribute of Break Loose is Bishop Bloomer's list of resources for healing and renewal, as well as his "Spiritual Warfare Dictionary."

Christian leaders are applauding the book! New York Times best-selling author and pastor of World Harvest Church Dr. Rod Parsley writes: "From the crucible of his own life experience, and from the pages of the word of God, he provides timeless principles that will not only produce freedom, but perpetuate it."  

Dr. Kynan Bridges, author and pastor, writes: "Every believer that is serious about breaking the shackles of the past and walking in their divine design needs to read this book immediately!"Bishop Bloomer has taken the message of Break Loose on the road with a recent appearance on "Marcus and Joni" on Daystar Network which resulted in thousands of viewers calling for prayer. (watch Bishop Bloomer on Daystar )

Bishop Bloomer will continue his rigorous ministry schedule and include Break Loose book events across the country from New England to California.

Bishop George Bloomer 

Appearance Schedule:  April 6-7      Detroit, MI         Word Network Spring Revival
April 8         New York, NY    COGIC Prayer Breakfast/Villa Lombardi
April 10-12  Bahamas           Change Ministries International
April 14       Baltimore, MD    Empowerment Temple  
April 15       Raleigh, NC        Barnes & Noble - Southpoint Mall
April 23-24  Roanoke Rapids, NC   House of Mandate
May 3-4      Chatham, UK      Kingsway International Christian
May 7          Indianapolis, IN  New Life Worship Center
May 18        Big Spring, TX    Still Useable Ministries

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