Memphis May Fire Frontman Matty Mullins Talks About Being "Unstoppable"

Matty Mullins

As frontman for the popular metalcore band, Memphis May Fire, Matty Mullins is no stranger to the industry. With the success of his band, Mullins has been able to share faith-based positivity with large secular crowds all over the world. A calling to make an album of declaring his faith, led to the creation of his successful CCM self-titled solo debut in 2014. It is no surprise that his current single is following in those footsteps.
Mullins' debut album single, "Unstoppable (feat. Jordan Feliz)," is already climbing the charts with being the highest debuting single this week in the Top 30 on Hot AC/CHR and No. 2 most added with five new adds. The song is intended to be an anthem for anyone who feels utterly hopeless, reaching for something real, in hopes that they may find peace in the one who loves them most. Click here to listen to the single on Apple Music and links below on all digital outlets.Unstoppable, Mullins' sophomore album, will be available everywhere this April.

The project is a collection of songs full of joy and worship, anchored in authenticity and earnest truthfulness, unafraid to declare victory over real brokenness. 

Q. With your work with Memphis May Fire and your own solo recording career, how do you divide your time up between the two roles?

At first I was just devoting my time off from the band to work on this project, but God has continuously opened doors and now this is full time too. I love both projects so working on them at the same time never feels like "work". It is truly amazing to just be obedient to God watch everything unfold.

Q. Do you feel that it is a challenge transitioning between your secular songs with Memphis May Fire and your own solo material, which is distinctively Christian?

The two genres are wildly different but I'm the same person in both, a child of God that is passionate about inspiring people and offering hope through music. I think from an outsider's perspective, switching back and forth seems hard, but for me they both come natural.

Q. Let's talk about your new solo album "Unstoppable." Did you approach this album any different from your debut record?

DEFINITELY. My first solo record was somewhat of an experiment. I just wanted to see what it would be like to do something on my own. I enjoyed making the record but there wasn't much structure to it. For Unstoppable, I signed to a label that is very familiar with the world of Christian music and collaborated with some amazing songwriters. The process of creating Unstoppable was so eye opening and I can't wait to continue to grow with future albums.

Q. What's your hope for this new record? How do you wish this album could inspire your listeners?

Having grown up on Christian music, it's such an honor to now be a creator of it. The theme that carry's throughout the entire record is "I am weak, but HE is strong!" I believe God works miraculously through Christian music & my hope for the album is that God will use it to impact the people that he loves so dearly.

Q. It's great to hear Jordan Feliz singing with you on the album. How did you get to know him and what was it like recording with him?

I saw Jordan perform at an award show in Nashville and tweeted at him to say he did a great job. We connected over social media and through that I found out he was a fan of my band! I decided to reach out and see if he would want to collaborate on my record and he immediately said yes! It was so amazing how God orchestrated that whole situation and how it led to the title track of the album!

Q. On this new record, you have co-written with some great Christian writers. Who are some of your co-writers and how was it working with them?

Working with Pete Kipley and Matthew West was one word, MAGICAL. Both Pete and Matthew are incredibly talented songwriters and big influences for me. I felt like I was way out of my league but the co-write ended up going perfect & we wrote one of my favorite songs on the album! It's called "Until I Need You." I can't wait for everyone to hear it!

Q. I read on your website that you were (or are) involved in a hair product business too! Tell us more.

Yeah! I like to stay sharp so I've always had an interest in men's grooming products. A little over a year ago I launched a premium hair product company called On Point Pomade. I just wanted to develop a product that was perfect for me and it ended up being something that a lot of people enjoy using! If you're interested in that kind of thing you can read more at :)

Q. The title track "Unstoppable" speaks of how God's love is unstoppable even in our darkest times. Can you recount a story from your own life where you witnessed God's unstoppable love?

I struggled with terrible anxiety & depression for a few years. In that season it was so difficult to feel God's love for me or understand why he would allow something so awful in my life. Looking back, it's so clear to me that God was walking WITH me through that season and his unstoppable love never changed. Now I can use my understanding of anxiety and depression to help people all over the world that struggle with it. God's plan is so much bigger and better than what we can see. When we are in the eye of the storm and everything seems to be falling apart, HE is our foundation. That's all the hope we need to be able to take our next step. 

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