Steve Ladd on His New EP: " It's a Story of Becoming Free from the Past"

Steve Ladd

On June 6th, Steve Ladd will release his brand new EP No Excuses, No Regrets, on Sonlite Records. No Excuses, No Regrets is at the heart of Ladd's mission statement. To share with the world a no apologetic  message of the love of God through music.

Performing for some of the most well-known churches and events like First Baptist Atlanta, Mims Baptist, Conroe TX, Gaither Homecoming, to the Bridge Ministry for the homeless  in Nashville TN, Steve Ladd pours out his heart to anyone listening. No Excuses, No Regrets offers approaches from the 90's Russ Taff inspired sounds of "All Things Are Possible God" to the Donnie McClurkin influenced spiritual "Since I Laid My Burdens Down."

This 6 song EP covers a lot of ground in regards to styles of Christian music. Steve Ladd covers "Chain Breaker" offering his unique voice to this CCM hit. The refined and masterful  orchestral arrangement by Cody McVey accentuates the message on the song "Living Water.""What You've Done for Me," takes the listener out  of the rat race of daily life to a quiet place of thankfulness for the Lord's blessings with just Steve's vocal and piano accompaniment. Steve Ladd gives No Excuses for a loving, powerful lyric with a message  that leaves No Regrets. 

Q:  Thank you Steve for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of your new EP with Sonlite Records.  Why did you choose to work with Sonlite? 

Chris White, who owns Sonlite, and I have been friends for years tho we've never worked together on a professional basis.  It was his idea for my solo EP and the reformation of the Old Paths.  I'm so excited to have the best in my corner and pushing my music to the world.

Q:  Why did you entitle this record "No Excuses, No Regrets"?

I just love the song.  The title fit the theme of the EP and the journey I've been on spiritually in the last couple years since my last release.

Q:  I must admit I am not a fan of EPs, there are too few songs.  I still love the 10 track album.  So, why an EP?  

This is something new for SG music.  Everything is going to download or streaming anyways.  I've always had a few songs I would skip over on albums I've purchased.  So, we thought, why not pick 7 incredible songs and leave it at that.  I also feel it will leave the listener hungry for more music.

Q:  What were the types you were looking for when you were making this new record? 

I honestly have been through a spiritual and mental journey the last couple years.  Every heartbreak, every triumph and things in-between are all reflections of this project.  I felt when recording that these songs spoke exactly what I was going through in my life recently.  I believe God designed this.

Q:  I must say I really love "What You've Already Done" at first listen.  What first drew you to record this song? 

I fell in love with this song when the songwriter sent it to me.  I've had ups and downs...been so blessed but felt alone and empty.  If God NEVER does anything else for me in this life...I'll praise Him for what He's already done!

Q:  I was reviewing Triumphant Quartet's newest album and they have also recorded the CCM hit "Chain Breaker."  Why did you also choose to record your version of it? 

I heard Chainbreaker at a church last year and thought to myself, I want to record that on my next project.  I had NO idea that my friends Triumphant Qt were recording it at the same time.  When you record a "cover" song, there's no way to tell if anyone else is recording it.  They have their version and I have mine...It was exactly what I wanted to say to my, I recorded it.

Q:  How do you wish this new EP will impact the lives of your listeners? 

There's a theme to this EP if you really step back an look at it.  It's a story of becoming free from the past.  I hope this EP brings people freedom and closure to their past.  I choose songs that really speak to me hoping that the sincerity comes through and impacts the listener. 


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