A Spokesman for the Beaten Down: Stryper's Michael Sweet Talks About "I'm Not Your Suicide"

Michael Sweet

Michael Sweet has just released his brand new solo album "I'm Not Your Suicide." As the front man and guitarist of the metallic rock band Stryper, they have built a cachet of hits starting in the 80s such as "Together As One," "Reach Out," "Reason for the Season" and "Honestly."  They have also sold over 10 million copies of their albums worldwide and they have been known for their Bible tossing stadium packed concerts.  Last year, Stryper made their comeback, albeit with a great splash, with their return to form "No More Hell To Pay." Besides making an instantaneous Top 40 debut on the Billboard 200, it landed at #2 on the Top Christian Albums charts, #3 on Top Hard Rock Albums and #6 on Top Rock Albums. We are honored to be able to catch up with Michael Sweet for this Hallels' exclusive interview:  

Hallels:  Michael, thank you for your time.  Congratulations on the release of your new album "I'm Not Your Suicide."  For the sake of our readers, you have got an intriguing album title, can you unpack for us what the album title means?

It's an anthem for people who are beaten down - abused, bullied, picked on, to rise above and stay strong and wither the storm. The storm will pass and God has incredible plans for us all. We're all valuable and worthy:-) 

Hallels:  How is "I'm Not Your Suicide" different or similar to your previous solo albums?

It's a little more diverse than previous solo projects. I wanted to stretch out a bit more and try some new things, such as steel guitar and many guests. I'm very happy with the outcome! 

Hallels:  Did it take a long time for you to put this album together?  What were some of the joys in recording this album?

Every album is a joy to do. I love the process and I look forward to the next. Each album takes approximately 2-3 months to complete, give or take.

Hallels:  What about some of the challenges?

The challenges I face from album to album are the feelings of trying to outdo the last - better songs, better production, better performances. I work hard to achieve that. I hope that I do:-) 

Hallels:  Last year Stryper came back with an amazing record, can we expect another Stryper album soon?

We (Stryper) plan to start on a new album sometime early next year and it should see a release around fall of 2015.  

Hallels:  You have been singing for the Lord all these years, has your faith in Jesus changed over the years? What does Jesus mean to you today?

My faith is deeper than it's ever been and Jesus means everything to me. I'm blessed and honored to be able to do what I do and do it for Him!

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