Former 'American Idol' Judge Harry Connick Jr. Talks Religion: "Being Christian Is Very Important to Me"

Harry Connick Jr.
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Singer Harry Connick Jr. opened up about his future plans, including his preparations for the second season of “Harry”- his Emmy-nominated talk show.

In an interview with the Gospel Herald, the “It Had To Be You” crooner shared his major plans for “Harry” season 2; these include special celebrity interviews, comedy segments, and big performances from fellow singers and from the talk show host himself. According to Connick Jr., his show’s main purpose is to establish unity among audiences and offer encouragement to “all of God’s children.”

"We try to celebrate things that are positive and all of the things that we all have in common. We're honing in on all the things that we think give the show a special identity," the former “American Idol” judge said.

Although Connick Jr. openly expresses his faith and believes that his beliefs are of great importance in his life, he said he does not intend to carry out any preaching on “Harry.” The New Orleans native also said that doing so may cause some viewers to deem it as inappropriate.

"Not everybody is Catholic, and I don't want my show to be seen through the eyes of a Christian,” Connick Jr. explained.

The father-of-three did explain the significance of religion in his life, saying: “Being a Christian is very important to me, and I'm sure that a lot of the things I grew up learning about the church have influenced me as a person, but the last thing I want to do is preach.”

Connick Jr. also spoke about his talk show being founded on Christian beliefs in order to strengthen weak hearts and bring out the good in everyone. The actor said he will always be grateful for his parents’ love and guidance as they influenced him the most.

In turn, Connick Jr. aims to give back by using his talk show and sharing the same blessings that he was able to receive from his parents.

"I just want my show to celebrate family and community, and be aspirational and inspirational," the actor said in a previous interview with CBN. "It all goes back to...I think what you learn at home. And I was real lucky to have the parents that I had."

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