Kathie Lee Gifford on Finding Love After Husband’s Death & Shutting Down a Man Who Didn’t Share Her Faith

Kathie Lee Gifford

Singer, actress, television host, songwriter and Christian Kathie Lee Gifford is open to finding love again after her husband's death in 2015. But she is not open to dating any man who is not committed to Jesus and the Christian faith.

Kathie Lee was 23 years Frank's junior when they got married. They had two children together, Cody Newton Gifford (born March 22, 1990) and Cassidy Erin Gifford (born August 2, 1993). Frank died on August 9, 2015 from natural causes at their Greenwich, Connecticut home, a week shy of his 85th birthday.

In an Access Live interview this week with Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover, Kathie Lee expresses her desire to find love again after Frank: "Who doesn't want to find love again? I think my probability is less, obviously. Some men are afraid of strong women. I wouldn't be interested in a man like that anyway. And some men are afraid of living up to the mantle of Frank Gifford, and there's no reason for that. Frank was just a flawed man like anybody else is."

While she's not actively seeking, Kathie Lee expressed that she's open to the plans God may have for her in the love department. "So if that's part of God's will for me, I'm certainly open to it," she shared. "I'm not out at singles bars. I'm not online."

In her book entitled The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi, Kathie Lee explains that if she would ever get involved in a committed relationship again, it would have to be with a man who shares her faith. She detailed the events of the only date she went on in the last two years that exemplified exactly what she was trying to avoid.

"He didn't share my faith and couldn't understand why I didn't want to be with him. I said, 'My faith isn't something I do on Sunday mornings for an hour. My faith is me, and I'm not going to share my life with somebody or even another hour of my life on a date with you if you don't share the same passion for your faith as I do.'"







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