Bloodgood - "Dangerously Close" Review


Bloodgood - Dangerously Close
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Bloodgood - Dangerously Close

Twenty-two years is a long time to wait for a new studio album, so fans of the Christian metal pioneers will be thrilled to celebrate Bloodgood's nearly 30-year anniversary with "Dangerously Close!" Featuring Oz Fox from Stryper along with founding members Michael Bloodgood and Les Carlsen as well as Paul Jackson (guitar) and Kevin Whistler (drums), this is 13 tracks of metal magic. From the ballads like "I Will" to the all-out rockers like "Chid of God," this album offers it all.


The songwriting is pure Bloodgood, the songs are driven by just the right touch of base and the guitar licks ... let's just say that Oz and Paul make a kickin' team. Les Carlsen's voice hasn't changed much over the years. The man still has the chops and can hit notes that mere mortals only dream of. Fans from the 80s will be transported back to their youth and younger fans will discover a band that help set up the foundation of Christian metal.

GENRE: Christian Metal
RECORD LABEL: Doolittle Group
RELEASE DATE: December 5. 2013

Dangerously Close Track List:

  1. Lamb Of God
  2. Run Away
  3. Child on Earth
  4. I Will
  5. Bread Alone
  6. Pray
  7. I Can Hold On
  8. Run The Race
  9. Father Father
  10. Man in the Middle
  11. Crush Me
  12. In The Trenches
  13. The Word


  • Run the Race
  • Father Father
  • Lamb of God

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