Hillsong's Brian Houston Rejects Being a Prosperity Gospel Preacher

Brian Houston

With book titles such as "You Need More Money" and "There is More," it's easy to allege that Hillsong church's global pastor and founder Brian Houston is a prosperity Gospel preacher.  Speaking to, Houston denies such allegations

"I don't see myself as a prosperity preacher. The whole idea of a prosperity gospel is such a crazy idea. There is only one gospel and that is the good news of Jesus Christ and it's a gospel of grace.

"I do believe God blesses people but I also believe in purpose. When God blesses a business person it's for God's own purposes.

"It's a huge mistake if people teach others to be blessed but don't help them to understand there's purpose behind it and it's not about them but what's God called them to do."

Houston also reveals that the vast amounts of money the church receives are all put to good use in doing God's work. "The church is a non-profit organisation - the finance that goes in goes into the ministry. The more finances coming in the better because there's so many people to reach and so much to do.

"I would pray for God's blessing on all churches because the truth is we have the most powerful, vital message that there is and so often the Church is hamstrung because of lack of resource."

Brian Houston is the Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, a worldwide family of congregations comprising more than 100,000 weekly attendees. Considered by many as a leading voice in the shaping of contemporary leadership values and church culture, Houston is highly regarded for his bold innovation and passion for the local church. He is a visionary when it comes to empowering the next generation of leaders with fresh Biblical teaching, relevant worship and accessible community.

Houston's latest book. There Is More, shows how - with God's power - life can exceed every earthly expectation. (-credit "When you surrender control and follow God's guidance, you become empowered and equipped to do the impossible, reach higher, and go further than you could have ever imagined-giving Him all the glory," he said. "By building our lives around godly principles, surrounding ourselves with wisdom, and living for a cause greater than ourselves, we can effectively live out God's purposes and have an enduring impact."

Houston's infectious love for people and his empowering brand of leadership is beamed to millions of people weekly through his program, Brian Houston @ Hillsong Television, and draws tens of thousands annually to Hillsong Conference events in Sydney, London and New York City. He is also the President of Hillsong International Leadership College and the Executive Producer of countless gold and platinum albums that have come from the Hillsong Worship team.







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