Bill Gaither's Sister, Mary Ann Gaither Addison, Passes Away

Mary Ann Gaither Addison

Mary Ann Gaither Addison, the sister of Gosppel music legends Bill and Danny Gaither, has passed away on the morning of April 25. She passed away at St. Vincent's Hospital, Anderson, surrounded by her family. Mary Ann was born to George and Lela (Hartwell) Gaither January 17, 1945 in Madison County, where she lived her whole life.  She was 73 years-old. 

On the morning when she died, her husband Donnie and her family gathered around her bed, singing "Thank God for the Promise of Spring" and her signature song, "I'm a Child of the King." Mary Ann was the "little sister" of Bill and Danny Gaither and the daughter of George and Lela Gaither.  She leaves six grandchildren with treasured memories of growing up around the Gaither family farm with their "Mimi".

When Mary Ann was fourteen years old she was already singing with her big brothers as the Gaither Trio in nearly every Nazarene church in Indiana and the Midwest.  Later, she sang with Bill and Gloria and then, for a time, reunited with her brothers to record two projects with the Benson label. She was always the little girl with the big voice.

Mary Ann was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001, but with a strong faith, aggressive treatment, a bone marrow transplant, and a brave determination, she was able to have a decade cancer-free to help raise her beloved grandchildren.  This was a gift her family is celebrating today with grateful hearts. Her death was the result of complications from a pulmonary infection.

All at the Gaither sites are celebrating her amazing energy, enduring spirit and zest for life.


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