Saxophonist Cameron Ross on Creating a Worship Experience with his New Instrumental Album

Cameron Ross

Combining todays most popular Praise and Worship songs and original instrumental tunes, musician Cameron Ross uses his saxophone to create an atmosphere of worship and an engaging musical experience for audiences who love Christian and Jazz music.  

The Arkansas native and music educator has released his independent sophomore album POWER to further expand his music ministry reach and to offer another gateway to worship.POWER is an amalgamation of some of the best-loved Praise and Worship songs including "You Are Good", "Glorious", and Cameron's Gospel radio single "Our God".  Cameron puts his soothing stylings on contemporary gospel favorites "When The Saints Go To Worship" and "I Love The Lord".   

Q:  Cameron, thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, tell us briefly how did you come to Christ? 

I came to Christ at the age of 14 one night during a revival at a church in my hometown.  However, I've been in church all of my life.

Q:  When and why did you start playing the saxophone?  What other instruments do you play? 

I started playing the saxophone at the age of 11 in 6th grade band.  I actually wanted to play percussion, but my parents wouldn't let me.  When I first started playing, I was terrible at it, mainly because I never practiced.  I started playing in church when I was 13 shortly before I gave my heart to Christ.  A friend of mine, who was in band also, convinced me and some other kids to bring our instruments to church.  We formed a group called "The Promiseland Band".  Everything pretty much went from there.  I'm a band teacher as well so there are a lot of instruments that I can play, but saxophone is my primary instrument.

Q:  You have played with both secular and Christian artists before.  Why did you decide to be involved in Christian music?  

Christian/Gospel music is at the very root of my family.  We have many singers and musicians in the family with some having great careers in it.  My grandfather was once lead guitar player for the legendary Staple Singers.  Although I have performed in the secular realm, there is something different with Gospel music.  Knowing that you're music is encouraging someone or helping them on their spiritual journey is very uplifting.  There have even been some secular settings that I have been in where people come to me and say that they felt something with my music.  It's even opened up opportunities to tell people about Christ.

Q:  You have a new instrumental record out, why did you entitle it "Power"?

There are actually two reasons behind the title.  I was raised in the pentecostal denomination Church of God In Christ.  We would have testimony service and whoever was leading it would always open with a song called Power Lord.  It was basically just call and response. The leader would say it and the congregation would repeat it back. From there we would go into the hymn "There is Power in the Blood" and then into several other songs.  At the end it would always come back to the Power theme.  The song "Power" on the project is my interpretation of a testimony service.The other reason is simply because of the power and authority that we have in Christ as believers and how it has the ability to change lives.

Q: On this record, you have covered a number of worship songs.  What are some of the songs on the record?

I wanted to show some diversity with the song selection.  There is a mix of CCM and Urban Contemporary Gospel.  Some of them are the Chris Tomlin hit "Our God", Martha Munizzi's "Glorious", "You Reign" by William Murphy.  Also included is "The Prayer", which was originally recorded by Celine Dion and Italian sensation Andrea Bocelli. My version is a duet with smooth jazz flutist Kim Scott.

Q:  Your single released to radio is "Our God."  Tell us why did pick this worship song?

It is a very recognizable song that transcends gospel music genres.  I also like to have songs where the listener can sing along with and this is the perfect one for that.

Q:  Who are some of the musicians and producers who have had worked with you on this record? 

The majority of the project was done by Memphis producer Johnathan Davenport who has produced several Gospel as well as r&b projects.  Also on board is Stellar Award nominated producer Donyea Goodman who has did projects for artists such as J Moss, Fred Hammond, Lexi, and many others.  There are also tracks produced by Dimitri Turner and Henry Walker.  The musicians on the project are some of the finest in the country.  Many of them are musicians for major touring artists.

Q:  What are your hopes for this new album?  How do you wish this record would impact the lives of your listeners?

My hope is that this project opens up a new realm of opportunities to share my gift.  I want the listener to have a true worship experience from the first to the last song of the project and that it can provide inspiration and change. 

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