Caitie Hurst Pairs Vulnerability and Authenticity on New Album

Caitie Hurst

In her Centricity debut release, How Could I Be Silent, Caitie Hurst pairs her singer-songwriter talents with compassionate vulnerability and authenticity. The result for listeners is not just a captivating sound, but a genuine connection-an opportunity to sing along with a friend, to walk together through the ups, downs, and uncertainties, remembering the One they can be sure of.

The album which releases on August 10 is preceded by the single "How Could I Be Silent:"

Born and raised in Hendersonville, Tennessee, Caitie grew up with a passion for music and a knockout voice...accompanied with fierce insecurity to share it with people. Despite Caitie's hesitancy, others kept encouraging and helping her to share her talents. She began leading worship at church, still feeling anxiety, still waiting for the fear to fade.

With support from her mentors, Hurst came to understand something important about her music-that it wasn't meant to be about her. It was meant to point people to Christ. Caitie wanted to create pop songs that both shared the love of Jesus and offered listeners a good jam session. While working in youth ministry, she discovered that the insecurities she'd carried most of her life were also felt by so many others. So Hurst turned those struggles into melodies; she crafted songs about finding and trusting God in the midst of those worries. These tracks are connecting; her debut single "How Could I Be Silent" is currently Top 10 at CHR and climbing. 


001. How Could I Be Silent

002. Walkin' On The Water

003. Nothing To Hide

004. Answers

005. Lights

006. Wanderer

007. Signs 

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