Sideline Celebrates #1 Song "Thunder Dan"


After turning an off-season side project into their main focus, Bluegrass group Sideline has found continued success with their album, Front And Center, the first released by Mountain Home Music Company. The lead single, "Thunder Dan," reached the top of the Bluegrass Today and Bluegrass Unlimited radio charts, before claiming the #1 spot of Bluegrass Today's most played songs of 2018.

"We never dreamed anything like this was going to happen right off the bat," says Steve Dilling, banjoist. "I think it has a lot do with the partnership between the label and us."

Guitarist Skip Cherryholmes adds, "When you have a label that's willing to work as hard as you are, it pushes the group to work harder, and we definitely busted our tails."

The group, known for their perfected driving style of Bluegrass, is back in the studio working on their next album. Mountain Home congratulated Sideline on their achievements with a commemorative plaque and celebration during the recording session. Sideline intends to grow and extend this success with the new project.

"Being back in the studio inspires us to push ourselves, and it breathes new life into what we're already doing," says Cherryholmes.

Listen to Sideline HERE.

About Sideline
Sideline is a pedigreed six-piece powerhouse whose style has set the pace in Bluegrass for over two decades. Founders Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes and Jason Moore can all claim their own historical significance to the genre as members of highly awarded groups, multiple Grand Ole Opry appearances and years of national and international touring.

What started as a side project for the seasoned players soon moved to the front and center as the three were joined by talents of Bailey Coe; guitar, Troy Boone; mandolin, and Daniel Greeson; fiddle, and began to record and release albums in earnest.

To listen to Sideline reminds the fans of why so many people fall in love with Bluegrass in the first place; pulse-pounding drive, songs sung from the heart, perfected timing and dynamics as well as a visceral emotion in the rendering. A band that was started as an off-season fun experiment has become a full-time dream team of players and singers.

The band, recorded or live, move dynamically from well-chosen, hard-hitting neo-traditional covers of classic songs to new material curated by a band with a perfect sense of who they are and what they have to say. Combine all this with their on-stage energy and finesse as well as their powerful and affecting harmonies, and you have the embodiment of the North Carolina Bluegrass sound. Sideline has released 3 national projects and currently records for the highly awarded Mountain Home Music Company based near Asheville, NC.  

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