Blake Shelton Pays homage to God and Faith with New Song "God's Country."

Blake Shelton
(Photo : Blake Shelton)

Country music superstar Blake Shelton pays homage to God and faith with new song "God's Country." "God's Country" was co-written by songwriter-turned-artist Hardy and 2018 Taste of Country RISERS act Devin Dawson, along with tunesmith Jordan Schmidt.  This is the first single from Shelton's next album. Further details about that project have not yet been revealed. 

Here are the lyrics:

Right outside of this one-church town / There's a gold dirt road to a whole lot of nothing / Got a deed to the land, but it ain't my ground / This is God's country / We pray for rain and thank Him when it's fallin' / 'Cause it brings a grain and a little bit of money / We put it back in a plate / I guess that's why they call it God's country


I saw the light in a sunrise / Sittin' back in a 40 on the muddy riverside / Gettin' baptized in Holy Water and 'shine with the dogs runnin' / Saved by the sound of the being found / Dixie whistle in the wind, that'll get you Heaven bound / The Devil went down to Georgia but he didn't stick around / This is God's country

We turn the dirt and work until the week's done / We take a break and break bread on Sunday / Then do it all again 'cause we're proud to be / From God's country

Repeat Chorus

I don't care what my headstone reads / Or what kind of pinewood box I end up in / When it's my time, lay me six feet deep in God's country

Repeat Chorus x2


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