Mawcore Release 'Bottom Feed' Single


Mawcore, a Modern Hard Alternative Rock band, have released their first official radio single, 'Bottom Feed', from their upcoming release 'Mud Man' which is the follow up to last year's 'Out of the Mire' EP. 

'Bottom Feed' is a 'raise your fist in the air' hard rock anthem, produced and mixed by Justin Forshaw of As We Ascend and Wild North West Studios. "So many voices will try to tell us we can't succeed after failure, but this song is a voice to all those who down to rise up against the negativity and realize we are forgiven, redeemed and more than conquerors", explains the band.

Pulling in core elements of grinding guitars, pulsing bass, pounding drums, layered electronica sounds and soaring vocals, Mawcore has created their brand of Alt. Modern Hard Art Rock. The band draws upon musical influences from the 70's, 80's, 90's and carries into the present day, stretching and barreling onward towards eternity. From the Hebrew word, meaning "Wellspring", Mawcore taps into the central line of the hopeless, with a continual supply of hope and life, through faith-based lyrics and a mended-heart filled message.

Members Joshua, Jeremy and Jeff found themselves with wounds being healed by the music within their core. Being joined by a variety of other musicians and eventually now permanent guitarist Ben, the programming talents of Chris, and the drumming skills of Ryan, they crafted a sound uniquely their own. These passionate members are fueling the forward motion that is Mawcore! In this life, which can be full of disappointment and difficulties, music can be an avenue by which we can find hope again. Mawcore is on a mission to do just that.

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