dc Talk Confirms that They Will Tour again

DC Talk

Legendary Grammy award winning trio dc Talk have confirmed that they will be touring again for a "few" dates over the next 2 or 3 years, following their second successful Jesus Freak Cruise which has just ended. The cruises in 2017 and 2019 saw the original trio of Kevin Max, TobyMac and Michael Tait perform together as dc Talk for the first time in 16 years. 

In recent years Michael Tait has been a major part of the successful Newsboys United supergroup, and Kevin Max will again be joining that band during their 'Greatness Of Our God' Tour this year. However Michael Tait, speaking in an interview with 98.5 KTIS this week, made the announcement that dc Talk would again be reforming, this time for 'on land' tour dates for the first time.

"I've got news for you. We just finished the dc Talk cruise yesterday, Pete and I. TobyMac performed, dc Talk, K-Max, Newsboys. But next year [2020] dc Talk will be doing a land cruise. We'll be doing tour dates in the states, not announced yet, but it will be very few, but we'll do them each year, '20, '21, and probably '22. We'll be around here somewhere eventually. I might be the first guy of the band to announce it. Toby and Kevin haven't, but it's official we'll be doing some dates." [Source: 98.5 KTIS]

The original news of dc Talk reforming for a cruise was greeted with excitement from their legion of fans, but others expressed disappointment at the time that the much hyped announcement wasn't the widely expected reunion tour that has been anticipated for years. Some fans took to Twitter to plead for a tour claiming the cruise was too expensive. Their pleas appear to have now been heeded, with tour dates set to be announced for next year onwards. 

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