Bishop Paul S. Morton and the Full Gospel Ministry of Worship "A Month of Sundays" Album Review

Bishop Paul S. Morton

Prime Cuts: Release The Rain, Jesus, You Are Holy

Overall Grade: 4/5

Bishop Paul S. Morton makes no concession when it comes to "A Month of Sundays." Without the slightest hue of restraint or apprehensive, Morton and the Full Gospel Baptist choir lash out with a fully-charged cylinder of passion as they offer praises to God.  When they worship, you can help but feel the adrenaline rush of faith as the record rocks with a deeply-felt Holy Spirit power.  Packed with anthems that could resource countless choirs and worship teams, this album is a great asset for those of us who want to worship with the same vigour and anointing.  Moreover, with "A Month of Sundays"being released by a joint venture between Tyscot and Integrity Music, one hopes this CD will also be embraced by worship teams and choir outside the African-American worship confinement. 

The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International was first founded by Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. in 1994 and it has become one of the largest African-American church organizations in the world. Some of today's greatest gospel vocalists were born from the organization such as Tasha Cobbs Leonard, William Murphy and JJ Hairston, among others. And the Full Gospel Ministry of Worship is an offspring from the organization. "A Month of Sundays" is the third release from the collective, following their 2008 debut "Embracing the Next Generation" and 2013's "One Sound."

The album is preceded by the synth-driven lead single "Release the Rain."  With the Biblical story of Elijah praying for rain as the song's seed thought, "Release the Rain" is a faith-filled prayer that is so powerful that one can picture standing with the prophet seeing the storm clouds forming.  More faith-flourishing moments come with the thumping "Visitation."  Bolstered by a much-needed message of our need to be holy as God himself is, the ballad "You Are Holy" is simply affecting.  Meanwhile  Morton's soaring tenor and a jazzy piano make  the opening of "Jesus" is spine chilling. 

Nevertheless, not everything can be accorded with excellence.  Tracks such as "Live Full," "It's My Season," and "In Your Favor" thrive more on the enthusiasm of the choir than the songs' melodic developments.  Though one can be easily mesmerised by how unified the choir sings and how jubilant the collective can be, these songs actually do not melodies that are truly distinctive.  Much better is "Sovereign God."  This song not only has a singable melody but the church organ and the awe-inspiring female lead give this a vintage Gospel sound. 

"A Month of Sundays" has the word "classic" written all over it.  Without resorting to hip hop gimmickry or synth-techno smarts, this is worship music in its  unadulterated freedom and power.  Though not all the songs have the same melodic prowess, the album as a whole brims with faith and a boldness that is life transforming.  And hopefully with the support of Integrity Music, this record will get the wide circulation it deserves.



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