Tamela Mann in Recovery Following Surgery

Tamela Mann

Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Tamela Mann has recently undergone a double-knee surgery. The surgery was a success and she takes this opportunity to thank her fans for praying for her. 

"Hey everybody ... surgery was successful," Mann is heard saying in a video posted on Instagram Wednesday. "Thank you for your prayers. I haven't gotten up and walked yet but that's coming..."

On the day of the surgery, she says, "Today is the day, I'll be checking in periodically to give you guys updates as often as I can. Send a prayer up for me," adding, "I need everybody to pray. I'm letting you guys in to follow me and pray for me and to be with me every step of the way."

With teary eyes, she says, "I'm real emotional. I may be crying a little bit. I may be here a couple of days."

Mann will be taking a break from her busy schedule to recover. 

Mann has recently launched her designer line of activewear. Her new activewear collection embraces the descriptions of style and comfort. People have been sending up prayers for Tamela and wishing her full recovery.



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