Gina Furtado Shares Her Most Personal Songs on "I Hope You Have A Good Life"

Gina Furtado

On her latest album I Hope You Have A Good Life, innovative banjo player Gina Furtado shares deeply personal songs about living life, swallowing pride and respecting others' journeys with an authentic artistic voice that is all her own. This second release from Furtado is now available from Mountain Home Music Company.

On this release, Furtado shows she has invaluable awareness of the world around her - and of herself - with songwriting that's metaphorical yet literal, whimsical yet sensible.

Working with guitarist Chris Luquette - a holdover from Furtado's 2017 debut, True Colors - alongside Nate Leath (fiddle), Danny Knicely (mandolin) and bassist Mark Fain to record the album, Furtado paints with another broad musical palette on the new release. There's straight ahead bluegrass drive on numbers like "Shame" and "Princess And The Pea," but there's a dazzling array of other textures, too, like the spare banjo-and-vocal of "Story Of An Artist," the raucous funk of "Can You Picture That" and the tropical syncopation of "Take Your Time." Each song is crafted with insightful originality, perfectly yet creatively matching words with musical moods. Adding to the effect are additional vocals from Malia Furtado, Teresa Furtado, Bryan McDowell and Chris Jones.

The album begins with the first single"The First Pebble," which Furtado describes as the most personal on the album. "This one was born soon after my marriage fell apart and I looked around to find I was surviving, and in fact thriving, when I thought that would not be the case," says Furtado. "Ending is just another word for beginning!" "The First Pebble" kicks off the album on an upbeat note, quickly highlighting Furtado's inventive playing as she takes the first instrumental break.

Lyrically, Furtado authentically represents the feelings of dating and looking for companionship with songs about being rudely stood up ("Take Your Time"), having an irresistible crush ("Dancing To Your Tune"), and dealing with loneliness ("Man Like That").

Gina Furtado, front, will be touring with, back row from left, Drew Matulich, Max Johnson and Malia Furtado. Click on the photo to download.

She plays with metaphors on "Airplane Ride" and "I Knew What To Do." The latter takes listeners through the four seasons, taking note of how beautiful things will always replace others when their time has passed. "There cannot be new life without the loss of old," says Furtado. With just a hint of sadness, this song expresses what it's like to recognize and accept an ending, but look forward to a beginning.

Other songs include instrumental "The Princess And The Pea"; "Try," about realizing that being human means sometimes winning and other times losing; a cover of "Story Of An Artist"; and "Shame," a dark and driving song about how individuals can use their power for better or worse. I Hope You Have A Good Life ends with Furtado's version of "Can You Picture That" from The Muppets, capturing her fun loving spirit.

This collection of music proves Furtado's adept at setting her own path, both in life and music. Her raw and honest storytelling resonates in today's world where rushing and selfishness are common, with a heartfelt reminder to appreciate the journey of ourselves and others - all the while holding on to our own power. 

Listen to I Hope You Have A Good Life HERE.



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