Steven Hickerson Chronicles His Journey from Working with Ricky Dillard to His Solo Record

Steven Hickerson

You may not know Steven Hickerson by name, but you've certainly heard his voice. Hickerson was handpicked by Maranda Curtis to provide backup vocals on her local and international dates, and he is a lead vocalist for Ricky Dillard's New Generation Chorale. That's Hickerson leading "He Shall Reign (King of Glory LIVE)" from Dillard's last album, 10, and you will hear him on Dillard's upcoming release on Motown Gospel.

Hickerson also has a previously released single, "Reset," which earned him a headlining spot on the Rhythm of Gospel Awards.

"Belongs to You" is Hickerson's new work of art. It is the lead single off of his upcoming debut EP. He says the song came out of a place of his own intimate worship, and his music director brought it to life. "I know where my help comes from," says Hickerson. 

Released on the independent Gospel Renaissance Muzik Group label, "Belongs to You" is sure to bless airwaves and expand Hickerson's platform further. The song is going for adds at radio this week, and is available for purchase on all digital music outlets.

Q: Who is Steven Hickerson?  

I am an individual whose life exemplifies a vibrant spirit with a characteristic some of my close friends and family describe as an "old soul" (lol.) 

I am a person who carries a genuine heart for people, God and my family. I love to have fun and relax outside of work, ministry and music. 

Q: If I am not wrong, you had quite an encounter with Hurricane Katrina, tell us more about what happened? 

Hurricane Katrina was such a devastation to me and my family. Like so many others, it was a catastrophic event that has impacted and changed the dynamics of my entire life. The Saturday before Katrina hit New Orleans, I had to quickly evacuate myself, my mother and my 2-year-old niece.

A few days later we were given notice that the entire city was under water; our homes were submerged and we could not return to them. I traveled to Atlanta, Ga with little to no money in my pocket, we were homeless for a few months, going from place to place and hotel to hotel on Fema vouchers. 

Eventually, there were some members of a local church in Marietta, Georgia, who kindly placed my entire family in an extended stay motel for two weeks. As time progressed, I was able to obtain a job playing music for this same church. God saw fit to bless me right where I was and in the very state of distress that I was in. God knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it.  

Years after Hurricane Katrina, I served at that same ministry for thirteen years until the Lord planted me at my current ministry, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Powder Springs, Georgia where I also serve as the minister of music. Through all of the bad Hurricane Katrina has caused and brought me through, God has allowed that catastrophe to work out in my favor. It has definitely taken me from a land where I was bound into a land where I would be able to flourish and become the Steven that I am today. 

Q: How then did you get to know Ricky Dillard? 

I met Ricky Dillard back in 2005 in Atlanta, Ga. when he was the Minister of Music for a local church. Dr. Dillard held auditions in Atlanta for his Chicago based choir - the New Generation Chorale ("NEW G"). I auditioned and I was rejected. Throughout the course of the years, I remained steadfast and persistent with getting Mr. Dillard's attention. I continued to reach out and ask him about accepting me into his choir. The answer was always no for various reasons. Yet, those responses did not deter me from coming back and asking again and again (lol).  

Q: What was your role on his record and band? 

In February of 2015, I finally received the big yes when a mutual friend and choir member of New Generation actually persuaded Dr. Dillard to let me in after telling him how amazing of a vocalist I was. After I accepted the call to become one of the New Generation soldiers, Ricky and I began to hit it off in ministry as he slowly started putting me in front leading. I knew it was all God and I was in the right place at the right time when Dr. Dillard gave me a feature on his last project, singing "King of Glory". Our journey together is still going strong and I have a lead on his upcoming album: I lead on a song called "I Won't Go Back". 

I love Ricky Dillard and New G and I plan to be there as long as he and God will allow. 

Q: You have a brand new solo single out now.  Before we get to talk about your new song, how would describe your own sound? 

I would say that I have a powerful sound that carries the sound of the glory of God. I have been prophesied to and told that there is healing in my voice. My tones are rich and full. I have been called a chameleon for my diverse vocal capabilities. I refuse to be boxed in and labeled as a one-dimensional singer. My sound ranges from classical opera, to soul and praise and worship to hard core extreme Gospel. I love my sound because my voice seems limitless, and as a singer I am able to be very versatile. 

Q: Why are you excited about your new single "Belongs to You"? 

I am very excited about my new single "Belongs to You" because it is a song birthed out of my personal prayer and worship time with the Lord. The Lord planted that song in my spirit to share with the world to remind us that in all we do and acquire, we must remember that it all belongs to Him.  

Q: Are you currently working towards an album?  If so, give us a preview of what we can expect from your new record. 

Yes, I am currently working on a new EP to share with the world. Expect to hear some smooth nostalgic R&B tones and qualities, mixed with Gospel tones and lyrics. This is going to be a different musical experience for the listeners on many levels. On this new project, there will be many stories and testimonies to hear of God's grace and goodness in my life, and they will transfer to the lives of listeners in a way that they can relate to and also celebrate all that God has done for them. 

Q: What are your goals and dreams in being a recording artist and worship leader? 

My desires and goals of being a new Gospel artist are that I can make a positive global impact on the Body of Christ. I want to be a beacon for those who are and are not yet followers of Christ. My dream is to do ministry full time. I want to travel and spread the Gospel through songs that are uplifting and that shift atmospheres through praise and worship. 


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