Mac Powell's Wife Aimee Hospitalized With Brain Bleed

Aimee Powell

Former lead singer of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum selling group Third Day, Mac Powell has informed fans via social media that his wife Aimee who has been hospitalized with a brain bleed. The Powells would appreciate all our prayers.

He informs: "Y'all please pray for my love, Aimee! Early this morning her head was hurting terribly. I called 911 and the ambulance took her to a local hospital. After a CT scan they found bleeding on her brain and believe it is an aneurysm. She is going through a procedure right now to find the problem. The doctors seem optimistic. Please pray!!!"  

Later, Mac provided an update on his wife's condition: "So many have asked for an update on my wife Aimee. Forgive me for not knowing all the right medical stuff. In her procedure they were able to put in 2 coils which will keep the aneurysm from bleeding and possibly rupturing. Her head is hurting really bad. She'll be kept for many days to be tested and monitored. Thankful for many friends, family, and prayers!"

Currently, Mac Powell fronts the band MAC POWELL and the FAMILY REUNION.  The band officially started in early 2018 as the next chapter of Mac's musical journey. The Family Reunion is a band that has developed over the past several years from the musical "brothers" that have been recording and playing live with Mac in support of his first 2 independent solo projects.

The Southern roots - American rock collections are foot-stompin', hand clappin' tunes clearly pay tribute to the early musical inspirations from his childhood. The live show is a blend of classic and sing along Gospel, Country, and American Rock songs, combined with some Mac's favorite THIRD DAY numbers that he has written, and his latest original tunes.



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