JJ Heller Shares the Story Behind "Missing Peace"

JJ Heller

Singer and songwriter JJ Heller has just released her new single "Missing Peace."  Heller is set on releasing a new song each month in 2020.  "Missing Peace," her first for 2020, speaks of how God's presence brings the ultimate peace in our lives.  

"I've had a few seasons in my life when I could almost tangibly feel the presence of God and nearly hear his audible voice. It was like I could reach out and touch him. There was a specific moment in college when God felt so near that I remember thinking that I would never again doubt His existence or His faithfulness.

But then life wears on. It ebbs and flows through joy, pain and the inevitability of growing older and hopefully growing up. And even though God never leaves, he can't always be felt. This is particularly hard when there's loss. 

I want him to give me the game plan; to tell me the future, but mostly he doesn't. When it comes down to it, I think I want answers, but what I need is peace. And the only place to find that peace is in Jesus Himself. Sometimes all I have to hold onto is his promise that he is there with me through all of it, whether I feel his presence or not. I have the assurance that he is good, faithful and kind. He is my missing peace."

Like a helium balloon

I can't close the distance

Between the way I feel

And what I know is true

I'm caught up in a battle I wasn't looking for

When searching for solace in the middle of a war

You are, You are, You are my missing peace

For over 15 years, Nashville-based independent singer/songwriter JJ Heller has traveled the country sharing music full-time with her husband, Dave Heller, who also co-writes, plays guitar, and provides witty banter from the stage. Her songs have been featured on national television, international advertising campaigns, and radio stations across the world.

Recently, Heller released her tenth full-length studio album, I Dream of You (Volume II), a 15-track compilation including 12 of Heller's favorite cover songs from the 1950's through today alongside three brand-new originals.When she released her first I Dream of You album in 2014, now one of her most-streamed albums, Heller had no idea how significantly it would shape her career. At the time, the mother of two small girls desired to create soothing love songs with a simple message of devotion from a parent to a child. After listeners began sharing stories of how the songs played an integral role in their family's bedtime routines, car rides, or hospital visits, Heller began donating the album to hospitals, adoption agencies, and families of young children. The album has since been donated to over 100,000 families.

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