JJ Heller releases new music video for “Loved”

JJ Heller
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JJ Heller released a new music video for the title song “Loved” from her latest project which dropped just last month, March 2013.

Music video for the single “Loved” features JJ Heller’s 4 year old daughter Lucy giving away the flowers to strangers. The music video was recorded and edited by Heller’s husband David, in Phoenix, AZ.

On the day the video released JJ Heller shared, “Get ready to smile! What little Lucy Love does in this music video is the sweetest thing ever.”

The day the video was published, JJ Heller shared the story behind the video on her blog at, “When brainstorming video ideas for our song, “Loved,” we decided that homemade was our best option. We came up with the storyline, scouted locations, bought the wardrobe (outfits for our daughter, Lucy, and me), bought 60 gerbera daisies, and planed for Dave to shoot and edit the footage with our own gear.”

Heller also shared, “When one woman asked Lucy why she was giving daisies away, Lucy replied, “Because you are special.” I can’t tell you what a proud mama I am. The name Lucy means bringer of light, and from the moment she came into the world, she has lived up to her name. “

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