Ginny Owens Fights Against Human Trafficking with New Song "Undefeated"

Ginny Owens

Ginny Owens has released her new single "Undefeated."  The song is a stirring and uplifting anthem written to infuse hope into the fight against human trafficking. Initially composed as a theme song for the anti-trafficking organization Rescue: Freedom, the lyrics and melody of "Undefeated" invite everyone to chant along, while considering The magnitude of this profound problem and the countless lives that are at stake.

"I have been deeply moved by the stories of those who spend their lives in the trenches, fighting to end traffic and slavery, and to hear their voices singing of relentless hope and determination, despite what they see," says OWENS. co written with Benji Cowart and Tyrus Morgan and produced by Tyrus Morgan and Sean Spence. 

"Some of you will remember that I visited Thailand a couple summers ago to be part of a conference where many of Rescue:Freedom's partners came together. As I got to know all sorts of folks working in the fight against slavery, I was so moved by their stories. All of them had either uprooted their families, or changed careers, or both, and dedicated themselves to this relentless war. I heard stories of many dark days, when the only thing to do was pray and wait. And other stories of how entire communities had been changed for the better, because of their work. What I learned was that, even thoug the war often seemed hopeless, my new friends were not without hope.

If you could have heard all those dedicated workers, raising their voices as one, singing, "our hope is undefeated!" you would have had chills or been moved to tears, as I was. But the thing that moved me most was realizing that standing against human trafficking is for all of us. The Lord said, through Micah the prophet, that the good thing to do, the thing He requires, is that we do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him. So let's do that by praying for victims and rescue workers, and for giving as we can to support their meaningful work. Oh, and by listening to "Undefeated," of course."

For more information about Rescue:Freedom please visit: 

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