Exclusive Song Premiere: Listen to Endless Highway's "Countless"

Endless Highway

Vanessa and Jason Griggs and their children Jay and Allison of the gospel group Endless Highway take on the role of storytellers on their new album, Countless. With songs that paint a picture of life's stories - the good and the bad - this collection is relatable, allowing for moments of reflection and hope. Countless, set to be released March 20, is now available for pre-order.

As a preview to this much anticipated new album, we are honored to preview the title track "Countless" Click here to listen to this fabulous new song. 

Jason Griggs has this to say about the song:  "We live in a culture where value is placed on success, achievement, and notoriety. With the advent of social media, the youth of today are bombarded with these issues and struggle with this very thing. Regardless of age, many feel as if they are alone in this world and wonder if their mere existence really matters and makes a difference.

In these moments, we have to remember just how  lavishly God really loves each of us and how valuable every single life is to Him! This song reminds us that His thoughts are continually on each of us and there's never a time that He doesn't love us. We felt that this song conveyed a message that we all need to be reminded of and encouraged by."

As a collection, Countless maintains the gospel music tenets of trust, hope, and faith in the Lord, while expanding Endless Highway's musical horizons with a country sound. With relatable stories of life's trials, Countless will inspire and encourage.

Pre-order Countless HERE.

About Endless Highway
Endless Highway, which originally was started as The Joylanders in 1971 by Perry & Nell Wimberley, stands and sings three generations strong at each concert. The group has continued the Gospel ministry started then through Vanessa Griggs, Perry & Nell's daughter, her husband Jason Griggs and their children Jay and Allison Griggs, who now do the bulk of the singing at live performances.

Endless Highway offers a blend of Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Acapella, and Acoustic Music. Whether it be a time tested hymn of the church, a spirited acapella song, or a toe-tapping bluegrass song, Endless Highway will offer something to please every concert-goer. Attendees are sure to enjoy a mix of live instrumentation, pure acapella music, and tracks accompanied by Endless Highway's vocals. Endless Highway loves to have fun while ministering, but make no mistake, their goal is to exalt Christ, edify the church, and evangelize to the lost.



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