7 Songs to Listen to During the Coronavirus Quarantine


As the coronaries pandemic continues to sweep across the global claiming more lives each and every day, it's natural to be afraid. With businesses, schools and offices closing down, the loss of jobs for thousands begin to be a nagging burden on the family budget.  And with social distancing, the closing down of physical churches and self-imposed quarantine, the stress of loneliness can become overwhelming.  It's in such turbulent times, God calls us to look to him.  There's no better way to fix our eyes on Jesus than to worship him.  So, here are 7 hand-picked songs for you to sing along as you worship God with your family or by yourself in your time of quarantine.

7. Darlene Zschech "Daylight"

"In your love I'm protected/I will stand and I will sing...". In such turbulent times, nothing is safer than to be protected by the love of God.  Listen to this tender worship ballad as Darlene Zschech sings of God's protection over us.

6. Passion featuring Kristian Stanfill "There's Nothing that Our God Can't Do"

In times of fear, our sinful tendency is to look around at our dire circumstances.  Stanfill and the Passion help elevate our eyes to God with this propulsive worship anthem.  Every word here spells out God's power with such resounding clarity: "Just one word You calm the storm that surrounds me..."

5. Matt Redman "Mercies (New Every Morning)"

Lamentations 3:22-23 come alive with this new Redman worship number.  Just as the days of quarantine grow more and more dreary, this song reminds us that every day is a gift from God, where we get the front row seat to see God's new mercies unveiling at the start of each morning.

4.  Jamie Kimmett "Burdens"

Just when the woes and weals of the pandemic get too overbearing, this song reminds us to lay them down at the feet of Jesus.  Sing this catchy ballad with Jamie and watch your burdens roll away.

3.  Michael W. Smith "Light to You"

Psalm 139:12 presents an arresting insight.  God is so great that even our "darkness can be light to him."  Such a truth is so liberating especially when we are in such dark corners when we feel that there's no breakthrough and there's absolutely no light.  But remember, "even our darkness is light to him."

2. Corey Voss and Madison Street Worship "Miracle in Motion"

When does God work? Revelations 15:3-4 reminds us that God works in the midst of his people worshipping.  Corey Voss and his team have this in mind:  miracles and God's affection unroll as we worship.

1. Here Be Lions and Darlene Zschech "I Speak Jesus"

The increasing bleak news of the coronavirus pandemic ought to drive us to Jesus.  This gorgeous ballad reminds again the power of Jesus' name. When Zschech sings "shout Jesus from the mountains and Jesus in the streets," you can't help but say "Amen." For Jesus is indeed the real cure for this crisis.



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