Homegrown Worship Plans on Recording and Releasing an Entire Worship Album in One Day!

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April 1st is a day dedicated to practical jokes and foolish suggestions, but Homegrown Worship's founder and Chief Enthusiast, Andy Baker, insists he is not joking when he announced that he will be writing, recording and releasing an album in one day. To kick off the fourth month of the year, Andy Baker is appealing for help from remote writers, vocalists, and producers to complete this ambitious task. 

During an intensive 24 hour period Andy (with a little help from his friends) will craft 10 entirely new songs, capture arrangements of the songs and - through online collaboration and remote mixing engineers - have the collection of songs available for people to listen to online by midnight that same day. With so many people self-isolating to curb the spread of Coronavirus, it is an opportunity for people to get involved in a creative expression of worship from the comfort of their own homes.

Creating an album can take years and stacks of cash but Baker, who completed a 52-week song sharing marathon, is confident that inspiration will strike in the short window allotted to this project. Intricate checklists to underpin the process are being developed and ideas will be literally pulled out of hats to avoid the writers buckling under the pressure of staring at a blank sheet of paper while the clock is ticking.

'I'm used to writing songs fairly quickly and also working very long days... so whilst it will probably be exhausting, I'm really looking forward to spending a day writing songs, singing and worshipping Jesus' says the Gloucestershire-based creative practitioner. The team expects to complete the project with many stripped-back simple arrangements but also hope to produce at least a couple of full-band productions that can be promoted as singles.

Songwriters and those intrigued by the idea can follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram with regular live feeds scheduled throughout the day.  Already, people from as far afield as South Africa and Tennessee have expressed interest to follow the journey and get involved through the use of online technology. 

Homegrown Worship is a growing community with now over 50 writers, artists and churches involved recordings and sharing songs. It has been cited as the beginnings of the global grassroots worship revolution by UK gospel-music publication A Step FWD.


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