Catching Up with Veteran Worship Leader Bob Fitts

Bob Fitts

Together with Don Moen, Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong team and Paul Baloche, Bob Fitts has shaped today's worship music with his songs and his worship leading skills.  Leading worship since the 1970s, Fitts gained International recognition when he started recording for Integrity Music's "Hosanna" series.  His songs such as "Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty," "Take My Healing To The Nations," "He Is Lovely," "He Will Come And Save You" and "Glory Glory Lord" have blessed the church with a reportoire of praise to the King.  We are so honored to be able to catch up with this veteran worship leader for this Hallels' exclusive interview: 

Hallels:  Bob, thank you for the interview.  Many of us have grown up singing to many of your songs in church.  So thank you for blessing us with so many worship gems such as "He Will Come and Save You," "Blessed be the Lord God Almighty," "Take My Healing to the Nations" among many others. However, it has been a while since your last album, how have you been?  And what have you been doing these days?

Thank you for the opportunity to do this interview. From the beginning 'Take My Healing To The Nations' became a life calling for Kathy and myself, not just a song. When we were involved with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) , Integrity Music and Maranatha, all we were doing was fitting in with God's call. We are still doing that, teaching seminars, ministering in Churches and larger area events to worship God and bring His healing to people's lives. In the past few years I have recorded, 'Restore', 'My Treasure' (A Christmas Worship Album) and 'Called To Worship'. Recently too our website has been updated:
Hallels:  Many of our readers must be dying to ask you:  are you planning on releasing a new record soon?  If you are, when?  And will it be a live worship album?

I am targeting 2015 and am in discussion now with a couple of producers, as well as writing songs. Most likely this will not be a live worship recording. 

Hallels:  You have been releasing live worship albums since the 80s, how has worship music changed since that time?  

Music is a wonderful gift from God that from a style perspective, is always fluid, adapting and morphing according the the changing tastes of different cultures and generations.  This is one reason why I make an attempt to distinguish "Worship" from music styles.  The subject matter in worship (our awesome God) is timeless and without cultural preference, therefore, worship is eternal and not hindered or in my opinion enhanced by either.    Creative adaptivity in musical expression is a wonderful "given", while the unchanging nature of our God is the priority, and fantastic equalizer that makes us all come together as one, no matter what generation, what nation, what style! We can't loose!! 

Hallels:  Of all the countless records you have had made, is there one album that means the most to you?  What about a song?  Of all the songs you have had written, is there one song that means the most to you?  

The first C.D I ever recorded, was the biggest step of faith and probably the most profound, we prayed for many years before this came about. There are two songs in particular, that have meant a lot to me on this recording. 'Gethsemane' and 'Sacrifice', both songs are about incredible sacrifice, the Father giving His Son and Jesus being willing to make that sacrifice for us.
Hallels:  Are you still leading worship at New Creation Church in Singapore?  How were you involved with Joseph Prince and the church there in Singapore?  Whereabouts are you leading worship now? 

We have had a friendship  and ministry relationship with this Church since 1991 and first attended when there were 300 people in the congregation, now there are up to 40 000. Throughout the 25 years since we have been in relationship we consider them friends and ministry partners and Pastor Prince our pastor and the NCC our home Church. I am a guest worship leader at least once every 6 months. We lead worship all over the globe, particularly in Asia, Latin America - Brazil and in Africa - Nigeria.
Hallels:  Of all the newer and younger worship leaders/artists who do you listen to?

I listen to anyone who honors Jesus in music, not really any particular person. Although I do listen to Tim Hughes and Matt Redman. Matt's song 'Heart Of Worship' really resonated with me as that was what we were trying to communicate concerning worship as the School Of Worship was created and taught in YWAM.
Hallels:  Over your lengthy ministry, can you share with us a moment where you strongly felt God's presence in your life? 
 There are many moments, one very special time I was doing a recording 'A Taste Of Heaven', at NCC in and indoor stadium. There were 10 - 15000 people present and as we began to worship I looked up and rain was falling from the ceiling, indoors! As the spotlight shone it could be seen very clearly cutting through.  It was just as though God's presence was showering His blessings upon us. 

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