Veteran Worship Leader Bob Fitts is Currently Writing a New Book

Bob Fitts

Veteran worship leader Bob Fitts has been leading worship for the last 35 years. He is best known for classic worship songs such as "Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty," "He Will Come and Save You" and "I Stand in Awe." Currently, Fitts is writing a new book which comprises of stories of God's healing.

Fitts writes: "God clearly directed me to being working on writing a book (working title, "Take My Healing To The Nations").  I've been considering this for many years and believe that now is the time to record in writing some of the amazing stories of God's healing grace that have taken place all over the world since Kathy and I began leading worship some 40 years ago."

You can contribute to Fitts' book if you have a story of healing to share. "In fact, if you have stories of miracles and healings that took place during times of worship we shared with you, please send them to us through my website.  We'd love to include your stories of praise to God in the book.  This project is one way we can continue the pleasure of multiplying worshipers around the globe, by recording in a book form stories of God's healing worship around the globe."

Meanwhile, Fitts will be joining Don Moen and Paul Baloche at the "Worship Cruise" to Alaska on August 1st to 8th of this year.  "We are thrilled to be invited to be a part of this time of worship with some of our long time friends and co-laborers in worship, and would love to have you come and join us as well! We will be enjoying God's creation while giving praise to Him for such amazing handiwork.  As mentioned, our goal is to have the new book available on the cruise, so come join us and let's kick off the next decade in worship together, knowing that the sound of God's Glory is covering the globe as never before, and that our most profound days of honoring The Savior are truly ahead of us!"

Bob Fitts has been leading worship and writing songs with an international platform in live performance and recordings for over 35 years. His best-known song, "Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty," reached the ears of both Integrity Music and Maranatha! Music, and he was invited to record albums with both companies in 1988. These cassettes and CDs, along with his own studio recordings opened the doors to many nations around the world. Bob's 15th recording, Abundant, was released in 2019 as a CD and download.      

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