Kendrian Dueck & Lauren Alexandria Dueck Share the inspiration Behind "Psalm 91"

Kendrian Dueck & Lauren Alexandria Dueck

Husband/Wife Duo and IHOPKC worship leaders Kendrian Dueck & Lauren Alexandria Dueck have released their new single "Psalm 91."  The couple talk about how the song came about:

"Psalm 91 is a prayer, a blessing, a declaration that we keep running back to. The Word became flesh, the Word is God, and this passage is the articulation of the nature of our Father who fights for us. Someone once said that He doesn't promise that the storms will never come, but He does promise that He will be with us, before us and behind us.

This song was written March of 2019, exactly one year prior to the escalation of COVID-19 here in the United States, through specific confirmations, and a storyline only heaven can write, I believe with all my heart that the Lord gave this song to us as a gift and a reminder in advance. He knew what was going to come, and the fear and hopelessness that would come knocking on our door, and so many others' doors.

We believe with all our hearts that El Shaddai reigns sovereign, that He is not surprised by any of our circumstances, and that He will take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good. In the middle of uncertainty, he is clarity, in the middle of fear, he is perfect love, in the middle of the storm, he stands with us. He alone is our refuge, and He alone is our peace."

About Kendrian & Lauren
We are Kendrian and Lauren (Kendrian Dueck and Lauren Alexandria Dueck) and we are based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. We are a part of the prayer and worship movement in Kansas City and in addition serve at a local church. Our hearts burn for the written and rehearsed song of the Lord, as well as the spontaneous, unrehearsed Word of the Lord released through song and worship. In loud, corporate, high praise, or quiet, secret-place whispers we long to know Him and make Him known- chasing the unraveling alignment of heaven and earth, worshipping a Holy and Worthy God, knowing that this is our eternal and chief calling as believers. This is what we burn for. 


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