John Mark McMillan: "Be The Record Label For My Next Album"

John Mark McMillan started a Kicstarter campaign with aim to record his best album ever, as the title of the campaign reads.

McMillan’s campaign to collect funds for his next record started February 25 and will end March 27.

For his Kicstarter campaign McMillan explains that he’s momentarily not tied down to a specific record company, instead he invites his fans to be his record label, “In this stage of our journey, we have found ourselves in a unique position. We are momentarily not tied down to a specific record company. We've tossed around countless options looking ahead, but none seem as exciting as the possibility of doing this album with the people that we exist to serve. Instead of borrowing money from a corporation to fund this next project, we think it would be far more exciting if you guys would be our record label!”

John Mark McMillan hopes that the 30-day Kicstarter campaign will help to raise necessary funds for pre-production, studio time, producer, additional instruments & artists, mixing, mastering, printing, artwork, just to name a few.

The campaign page also includes a preview of some of the rewards such as T-shirts, McMillan’s favorite hand-crafted scented beard oil, JHS pedals.

McMillan shared an update on his Facebook page saying, “Talking to producers and working on demos next week! I hope we can be full on tracking into April! I just need you guys to pull the trigger to make it happen! Be my record company! ”

More information can be found at 

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