Keith-alan On How Time2Dance Transforms the Lives of Children


Time2Dance pulls kids from their live audience who have no formal dance experience to prove that anyone can dance.  Part competition show and part dance battle, contestants are mentored, encouraged, and coached by Keith-alan and the Fly Kids, and within a short time these children are on their way to a new love of dance.  Filled with self-expression and inspiration, Time2Dance is a joyful show that fills a void in programming for children.

Time2Dance, and the bonus Yippee Stars at Home episodes are also a great solution for parents who are trying to keep their kids active - while summer sports, camps, and pools remain closed.

Many parents fear how some dance schools are teaching moves that may not be appropriate for their child's age and their family's values. Time2Dance is produced by YIPPEE TV, where all content is approved by parents, where "characters build character," and where the network provides a "No Attitudes" guarantee!

Keith-alan is the host of Time2Dance. Known as "The Motivation Guy", Keith-alan is the Pastor of Purpose Driven Church and is an acclaimed dance coach. A natural encourager, engaging host, and talented dancer, Keith-alan's new series Time2Dance merges all of these passions on the small screen.

Q: Keith-alan, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with your ministry as a pastor: tell us about your church and your ministry as a pastor.

Over a year ago, My wife Maral and I started a church called " Purpose Place " in Los Angeles, and our calling and mission is to connect people to their God given purpose. We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic , and multicultural community. Our heart is to hear from God and present a message that will help people in everyday life. 

Q: It is not very common to have a pastor who dances!  How did your interest in dancing begin? 

I grew up dancing and took part in dance in middle school and high school, and later walked away from it. 10 years later dancing found me. I was pursuing acting in Hollywood, I got a call from my roommate asking if I could cover his dance class because he was running late. I was definitely reluctant because I had never taught a dance class, let alone for 5 year old kids. So next thing I know I am at a dance studio, in this class, just having a good time with these kids. After the class, the owner said I did amazing and offered me a job. Next thing I know I have 10 dance classes and my following started to blow up. Years later my wife and I started our own dance studio called TIME 2 DANCE! 

Q: As a pastor, how have you found that dance has helped your ministry?

Teaching has taught me that in order to bring the best out of your students, they need to feel that you believe in them. People's potential comes to the surface through support and love. Now at "Purpose Place" we are seeing people of various ages and backgrounds step into their purpose because not only do they feel God's love, but they also need pastors to support and believe in them. 

Also dance is such a strong form of expression that we use at our church during praise and worship. 

Q: You have a new TV series called Time2Dance.  What's the show about? What's unique about this show?  

"Time 2 Dance" is one part competition, one part dance battle , and all parts fun. What separates this dance show from the rest is that our platform is for regular kids that just like to dance and a show for the whole family to watch! 

Q:  How has the show impacted the kids who have appeared on the series? 

It's been truly transformational. We had a couple kids that were really lacking in confidence before filming, and very nervous about performing on stage. But after receiving so much love, encouragement, and support they were completely confident and had such an amazing time and experience. This show is making a difference.  

Q:  Now - with COVID-19, you and the Flykids are doing shows from home. How has that been?

Yes ! So we have 22 episodes filmed from home where kids get to learn daily dance moves ! It's had a great response. 

Q:  How can we see Time 2 Dance? 

You can watch it with a free 7-day trial at which is an ad free, guilt free streaming service for kids. You may use promo code Time2Dance  for 25% off your first month . Check Time2dance out on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TVs , and in all app stores. 


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