Cliffhanger Friday: The Bold and The Beautiful 7/11/2014


The Forresters
The Forresters

There are flashes from Bill and Brooke's wedding ceremony, but what does Ridge remember?

                "Just pieces" - Ridge Forrester

                In today's cliffhanger Ridge struggles to make sense of the flashes of memory. Katie is trying to help, but the only clue Ridge can give is "Spencer".

                Yes, Bill Spencer, the one checking his to-do list with Brooke Logan. Everything on Bill's is almost complete, except one thing - marrying Brooke. While Brooke and Bill begin toss around wedding and honeymoon ideas, Liam and Hope visit Wyatt with plans of their own.

                However, Wyatt has news for them - from Quinn. Quinn sent a text apologizing for her actions toward Liam and the drama she caused Wyatt. She promised it would never happen again. Hope and Liam reassure Wyatt their brotherhood will remain strong. Liam even has a special present to prove it.

                Bill expressed to Brooke he wants to get married before "something" happens to derail their happiness. As the pieces continue to come together for Ridge, Bill may well have "something" serious to worry about. Ridge even suggests to Brooke a double elopement which she immediately shoots down.

                Brooke's instinct proves right as Wyatt opens his present from Liam. In a shocker, Liam asks Wyatt to be his best man at Hope and Liam's wedding. Wyatt asks about Bill's desire to be best man.

"I think he's had more than enough chances. I think it's my brother's turn now." - Liam Spencer

                Wyatt accepts! (His only condition is that he doesn't have to wear a cummerbund.) However, Wyatt doesn't look 100% happy about it and when Hope and Liam leave he reminisces about last Valentine's Day with Hope. Wyatt's thoughts are interrupted by two mysterious visitors at the door.

                Katie and Ridge decide to return to Forrester Headquarters thinking Ridge would have the office to himself. Ridge begins attempts to create a design success, but drifts off into the pieces of his memory. Flashes of the Spencer logo and falling out the plane continue to plague him when he begins to see a face. Katie tries to help Ridge pull the memory forward when they too are interrupted by a visitor, Justin. Justin takes one look at Ridge and immediately tries to leave, but Ridge stops him. After a brief stare down, Justin flees. Has Ridge finally figured it out?

                Wyatt opens the door to two men in black. The security guards come in and inform Wyatt the owner of the Hope Diamond has passed and in his will left the Hope diamond to him. Will Wyatt take this as a sign there may be a future yet for him and Hope?

Catch the re-run tonight on TVGN at 5:30/c and new episodes weekdays on CBS at 12:30/c.



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