Creating Songs to Fill a Room with Hope and Peace: An Interview with Zachary Ray

Zachary Ray

Singer and songwriter Zachary Ray has released his new single "Eyes on You." Ray has been using the gift of music to teach and train aspiring musicians for more than 12 years. During the past decade, he has lived in India where he teaches at Calcutta School of Music. He also started a company, Chaitown Creatives, where he teaches and trains young musicians and vocalists. Ray met his wife while working in India; the couple has a two-year-old and another baby on the way.

Ray has returned to America for a season to write and record his music. Writing from a place of candor, Ray's music is about his journey, songs about heartache, doubt, deep love and healing, but, most of all, songs about seasons of hope, comfort, peace and confidence that keeps him going.

Q: Zachary, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: where are you from and how did you first get involved in music?

I'm originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area. I grew up in a musical family. My childhood early on I was singing in children's choirs, taking piano lessons. I was blessed to have parents that encouraged me to study music. 

Q:  Were you always interested in Christian music?

I grew up in a household that followed Jesus. My father is a minister Mom choir director and teacher. Everything I listened to growing up was Gospel/Christian Music. I like to think I write from my heart and Jesus is a huge part of my heart and life so whatever I write is going to reflect that. 

Q:  You have also taught music in India. Why India? How did you get to teach there?

I lived in India for about 10 years. We have family friends in India that extended an invitation to me after college to do an internship teaching music to children from extremely difficult backgrounds. That internship turned into 10 years.

Q:  You have recently released your new song "Eyes on You."  How would you describe your style of music now?


Q:  Tell us how this song "Eyes on You" came about.

I worked on this song with my friend Katelyn Clampett. We wanted to write a song that anyone cold identify with who was going through turmoil or depression. In situations like this there is only one thing we should do. Keep our Eyes on Jesus. 

Q:  What's in the pipeline? Will you be releasing more singles and are you working on an album?  Give us a sneak peek of what's to come.

I have a few more songs that will be released as singles over the summer and fall. I've been working on a new pop song with Nathan Walters (Member of the ccm group Plus One)

Q:  How do you hope these songs will impact the lives of your listeners?

I hope these songs will fill a room with Peace and Hope when played. It will give the listener something to think about before throwing in the towel.

For more information about Ray, check out and follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram 

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