DUPREE Releases New Single "Mighty" June 26


Mother and son duo DUPREE will release their brand new single this Friday (June 26). "Mighty" is an anthem about not being afraid to face life's challenges and to follow your dreams. This song will empower you when you need a boost or extra support, especially during these uncertain times. God is always with you every step of the way and His mighty arm will protect you. Do not let anyone discourage you. Let God lead the way!

Here's a listen to their previous single "Up Again:"

DUPREE is an American Christian Pop/Rock band led by Dylan Dupree (son) and Lauren Dupree (mom). The band's positive, upbeat music has elements of heavy pop, rock, harmonies and Dylan's energetic, soulful {left-handed} guitar solos. Lauren & Dylan are both singer/songwriter/producers.

The Dupree family is rooted in the core of their faith and their music. Lauren was raised in East Tennessee where music was an integral part of her life. The musical bond progressed as Dylan and Lauren played music at church for many years. Dylan studied guitar from the age of 7, and has always been passionate to combine his craft with his ministry.

At age 18 before attending college, Dylan was invited to join the platinum-selling band LFO's 2017 reunion tour as lead guitarist. Dylan and Lauren were also writing/producing/recording Christian songs together at that time. 

Dylan was accepted to Berklee College of Music, then chose to stay local and studied guitar at Rollins College in Orlando, FL. In 2018, the duo's song "Everlasting Love" was featured on Spotify's New Music Friday Christian playlist. In 2019, they officially formed the duo DUPREE, and their Christian ministry spreads the message of belonging for all of God's children, bringing everyone together through music. DUPREE has been featured on FreeCCM, Hallels, LouderThanTheMusic and more and their tracks are available for worship leaders and churches on


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